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I have just completed my second transformation contest. In total weight loss, I wasn’t nearly as successful as the first round. But I gained confidence that I can and will meet my new goals. Realizing that I really can do this is the greatest feeling. I feel like I have transitioned from the old couch potato me to the energetic, stronger, leaner me. Who would have thought that I could be in the best shape of my adult life in my 50’s?

I have recently purged my closet, even donating my newest pair of jeans from a year ago, because I now wear pants 3 sizes smaller!! But it’s the little things that surprised me the most, such as I can buy boots that fit my calves, and I had to have my rings resized.

Lakeside Fit Body Bootcamp has assisted in showing me what I can accomplish. Lesa and her staff are friendly and know everybody’s name. They are the greatest cheerleaders. Lesa is generous with her time to assist you with setting your goals and helps you achieve them. She sends out daily inspirational messages of encouragement and meal tips. I have found I enjoy making healthy meals at home with the recipes Lesa has shared.

I have attended classes since January and I still enjoy going. I really like the variety of the training and the challenges of doing more. I was a bit intimidated at first, but I’m not fearful of the battle ropes anymore and can do 5 full rounds of pull ups now (with the assistance of the resistance bands).

I have always known with faith in God you can move mountains, but if you are healthy you have the energy to do even more.

I thank God daily that I found the perseverance needed to continue the path to success and I am grateful to have found Lesa and her wonderful program.


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