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Paulann Used TT Themo 30 and Home Workout Revolution and Shed 3 Inches Off Her Waist





150 lbs.

146 lbs.


33.5 inches

30.5 inches

It is not easy being one of the oldest amongst mostly 40 to 50 year olds in an exercise class.

But I do it at least three times or more each week, and I would not change it for anything.

As an adult I had found it was easier to do little, but when I retired I decided it was time to take charge of myself, and this is how I have progressed.

I was over 200 lbs, beginning to get high blood pressure, cancer survivor (about 20 years) and yet un-satisified with myself. **So first, I planned to remove the weight by joining Weight Watchers starting out at well over 200 lbs with an arm girth of at least 18 1/2 inches, waist measurement of at least 43", thighs at a mere 46". **Unable to wear a shirt without loose long sleeves since I was to embarrassed to show my arms. *August 2011, I started the WW journey. During this I did a lot of walking at least 3 to 4 miles a day, and on January 2, 2013 I made lifetime after losing a 66 pounds. *Was I happy yes...I can accomplish something, the first ever in my life and I felt I came in first. *But I noticed other things still bugged me.

It was the hanging shreds of fat on my stomach, chest, arms, thighs, and I did not have a *waist...tho' the realization did not come until about 5 weeks after I started Turbulence Training. *

Yes, Catherine Gordon got me started….the exuberance which she evokes, plus the proper alignment of my body made training fun, and each session over much to soon. **

Turbulence Training was my answer.

When I first started I had a bit of balance on my right side and none on the left, but now I have much more. **When I first started doing planks I was lucky to get through 5 seconds, and never believed I could do 30 seconds. Push ups were only on the wall, and then I couldn't even do one. *I have progressed to the floor push ups in a modified position, and do as many as my younger counter parts.

Lunges and reverse lunges were not on my list, especially trying to keep a flat back...but I can do them now.

I Bodyweight Squats, Cross Crawls, and Mountain Climbers until I was blue in the face. I just wanted to do what the younger guys and gals were doing. **

Now for the Burpee's...I still have to get better at doing those so use the alternative stand still burpee. **Is is so exciting to have Catherine as a trainer for your Turbulence Training program. She never gives up on anyone, and continues to guide and direct, and all with a smile and lots of fun. **

I continue to have bouts of tears as I find something new I can now do, and have never done before. *Like actually feeling my ab muscles actually working after years of not doing anything but eat. *

I always thought my waist was where my hips were. What a surprise that was!

Thank you so much for putting your wonderful program in the hands of a capable gifted young lady, Catherine Gordon.

Oh, and did I mention the mental alertness...what a difference I can now remember some of the names of the exercises...this has been a mind and body relationship.

Just know with Catherine teaching me the basics of your Turbulence Training program I will have a body I never knew existed. *Let the rest of the seniors know that “you are never to old" and don't let the youngsters make you feel uncomfortable with their agility...you will catch up.



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