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Deidre Used Home Workout Revolution and Lost 19 Pounds of Fat and Tightened up Her Stomach and Legs





195 lbs.

176 lbs.


37.5 inches

32.5 inches

I started my 12 week transformation knowing I had weight to lose and knowing I needed to regain my fitness.

What I didn't know was how lost I was in the beginning. I was afraid of my before photo and the scales made me sad.

You see two years ago I was competitively running and then twelve months ago I stopped running and I guess that is when I started to eat and sit without any exercise.

I wanted my transformation so making a commitment to training was easy, but the training itself was hard. Each session in the beginning seemed to get harder and I didn't feel like I would ever get it.

Thanks to the help and support of my trainer and training group I continued the hard work in every session.

I have accomplished so much in my 12 weeks including weight loss of nearly 9kgs.

Thanks to Home Workout Revolution and Ali's TT style bootcamp sessions I am so much stronger and fitter! I can plank now which is something I had never done. I can run nonstop for 3km and yes I can do this in less then 27mins. I can correctly do many exercises like squats, mountain climbers and dips.

I now have the belief that I can achieve much more. I plan to take what I have learned and continue to lose more weight. I am not at my desired weight yet but I am much closer and prepared for the hard work to come.

I look forward to the Christmas break and my continued success in the New Year.



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