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Andrea Used the new Turbulence Training and Lost 14 Pounds of Fat and 5 Inches Around Her Waist





136 lbs.

122 lbs.


36 inches

31 inches

When I decided to start this transformation contest, it was a test for me and for all the nay-sayers. I had a baby six months ago at a time when the world was obsessed with new moms and their weight loss. Every magazine I read had front-page stories about new celebrity moms losing their baby weight with crazy diets and endless workout regimens. They made weight loss seem impossible for us ordinary folk who didn’t have countless hours or thousands of dollars to spend.

To be honest, the odds were against me. I’m 43 years old, and as much as I’d like to believe I’m as young as ever, the body does change and weight loss does become harder. I am also a new mom who is still breastfeeding. That means I am lucky if I get a two or three half-hour breaks throughout the day. In that time I have to do the chores, cook meals for the family AND fit in a workout. Needless to say, hour-long cardio sessions were out. I also can’t take any supplements or cut too many calories because it can affect my breast milk.

I decided to try Turbulence Training 2.0 because the sessions were short, can be done in my home and don’t require me to have too much equipment. When I started, my initial baby fat was gone so all that was left was the stubborn stuff that taunted me every time I tried to put on my pre-pregnancy clothes. I was determined to make this work. It was not easy. When I first began, I couldn’t even do a plank. My abdominal wall was so loose after giving birth and my muscles were very weak. Even long walks were challenging. Slowly however, the changes began. I noticed strength gains. I noticed weight loss. I followed a clean eating plan, started taking the stroller on hill walks near my house and danced with the baby whenever I could. After 84 days of hard work and dedication, here I am.

Did I lose my baby fat? You betcha! In fact, today when I stood on the scale, I saw a number I haven’t seen in 10 years. I went from 136 pounds to 122 pounds, losing 14 pounds and 5 inches in my waist.

But today is not the end. I love how my body feels, my new energy levels and my growing strength. I just want to keep improving!

I’m excited to share my transformation with other new moms around me. Let the nay-sayers say what they will. Regular folks like me can lose weight sensibly, without magic diets or pills. There’s no deep, dark secret. It’s just hard work, dedication and some help from Turbulence Training.



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