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Aimee Used Home Workout Revolution Along Side Her Mom and Lost 38 Pounds





272 lbs.

234 lbs.


45 inches

37.5 inches

I have just completed my very first 12-week challenge. I am delighted that my life as a result has changed dramatically thanks to my trainer Ali Fox and her turbulence training style boot camps.

In the past I have tried all sorts of diets and gym memberships without any degree of success. Over 12 weeks, Ali has changed my way of thinking about fitness, dieting and weight loss.

I was encouraged to enter the Turbulence Training Challenge because it gave me a reason, method and end date to achieve my goals. One of my favourite things was that I was able to work out at home using the Home Workout Revolution.

I used this program for the entire 12 weeks and also did Turbulence Training style boot camps with Ali Fox down at the beach.

At the start of the challenge I weighed at 273 pounds (123.8 kg). The weight loss seemed unobtainable and when I started training and I struggled to run more than one set of stairs before being sick in the bushes.

Working with Ali and her clients, called the Foxes, I began to get stronger both physically and mentally. I began to push myself harder with each session and was able to complete more of the routines.

We do regular fitness testing and to my surprise my numbers were dramatically better each time. My confidence grew as my measurements shrank and my weight dropped.

I am so happy to have lost 38.3 pounds (17.4kg) and to my surprise I lost a total of 26 inches off of my total measurements. Not only did I lose weight but also I learnt the importance of losing body fat while keeping and gaining lean muscle.

I was no longer trying to become a smaller version of myself- I was getting fitter and stronger in the process.

I cannot wait to start the next 12-week challenge and seeing the next phase of my new foxy body!



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