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Sandra Used TT To Get Stronger And Feel More Confident

For the past twelve weeks I have seen a progressive change in my physical strength and conditioning as well as food choices. I have done this by regular weekly attendance with my personal weight trainer, using the Turbulence Training 2K3 and 2K4, Thermogenic Turbulence Training, Zumba Fitness and eliminating some foods that I was eating and adding other foods.

Initially, I made a commitment to do something that I always wanted to do and that was to have a personal trainer that could help support me in lifting weights and guide me in making decisions about what was the best way for me to reach my fitness goals. My personal trainer, Catherine Gordon, helps make the weekly trainings fun and I always look forward to the next session.  

Each week we train on either the upper body or the lower body and each session ends with interval training and stretching.  Both the TT 2K3 and 2K4 training sessions have helped me to understand more about the muscles of the body, weight training terminology, which muscles I want to strengthen to help release excess body fat and how the body works and moves.  She helps me to focus on the form that I am using when I lift weights, which helps to prevent injury.  

I like the Thermogenic TT just as well.  My heart rate gets up higher because there is less rest in between sets. Catherine makes sure that we are maintaining our sessions with incomplete recovery, which helps with the fat loss and metabolic response.  

Zumba Fitness adds the icing on the cake for my week of training. It’s light, fun and provides another way for me to keep moving the body!

As far as my food choices, I do not believe in so called diets.  I like to remember what Hippocrates said, “Food is our medicine and medicine is our food.”  With this in mind, I stopped eating foods that contain soy, wheat, corn and other grains.  I added chia and hemp seeds to the diet and focused on eating foods that are nutrient dense and have a low glycemic index. I AM STRONGER AND MORE CONFIDENT EVERYDAY!

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