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Leo Gained 6 Pounds Of Muscle While Lowering His Bodyfat 6%

Hello. My name is Leobardo. I am 32 years old and 5’9”. I weigh 161 pounds. I have always considered important to work out and be fit, however the lack of discipline and consistency has made me quit several times. I have started training in my home gym with the Intermediate level, then TTK3 plenty of times but I never finished, and just once I made it to TTK4 but never got to finish it either.

By summer 2012 I decided I was going to finish 3 workouts in a row. And I finally did. I managed to finish Intermediate, Original and TTK3 from the TTFL Manual. I started weighting 165 pounds with 18% Body

Fat. I lost 10 pounds and got to 155 pounds and 12% BF. This result was the motivation to look forward and continue training. I really felt my waist smaller and felt much better, however I wanted to gain some muscle mass.

I then decided to continue with other 3 workouts. This time I selected TTK4, Meatheads 1 and Meatheads 2.0. These workouts are the ones I used for the 15th Transformation Contest. I began by the end of September and have finished in December.

I gained 6 pounds and no body fat. So my current weight is 161 pounds with 12% BF. My goal is to get to 165 pounds and 9% BF, so I will continue training in order to achieve this.

In the time since I started I have discovered how difficult it is for me to get up earlier in the morning and do the workouts when it is still dark outside. Many times I woke up in the morning not wanting to workout but I found that CONSISTENCY was the key to success.

So I repeated this word in my head when I was getting off bed and while I managed to put my training clothes on to get started. Now I have developed a good habit of training early in the morning and eating breakfast every day.

Due to my body type it is hard for me to gain weight and I do not have excess fat either, so the results I have obtained might not seem that much but I feel I have achieved a lot in this time. I know I have a lot of opportunity areas in my diet that if I improved would definitively help me get even better results.

I would like to thank Craig and TT members for all the support and the motivation which has really helped me to continue working out.


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