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Brita Stopped Working Out Twice A Day And Lost 17 Pounds And 4 Inches From Her Waist

During most of my youth, I was very overweight - reaching a size 18 in Junior High.  I then started to jog and lost some weight, but after I had my 2nd child, I really got into weight training and running.  In so doing, I lost a lot of weight, but pushed myself too hard. This created several serious health challenges and bad eating habits.  I exercised so much - 1 1/2 -3 hours a day and 2 trips to the gym - that I was always starving and felt I could eat whatever I wanted.  Then, at a later point when I wasn't able to exercise as much, the weight came right back on…and then some. 

I was really excited to find Turbulence Training.  Being able to exercise for less than an hour a day, and better yet to have it be effective, was really exciting.  The programs I used were the Thermogenic 30, it kicks butt, but does so quickly! 

Also, I really enjoyed using TT 2K12 and Hot Chicks and Buff Dudes.  I am excited to try many of the other programs and hopefully someday to become a Turbulence Training Instructor. 

Even though the workouts were an answer to my prayers, I still had to overcome the bad eating habits I had acquired.  In order to do this, I started eating six smaller meals a day and eating whole grains and lean protein and lots of veggies and fruit.  I also became a Health Coach to give me an extra incentive to do so.  I am now 37 and Between Turbulence Training and teaching others about eating healthy, I have been able to lose 17 pounds, change my eating habits, and reverse the health challenges I had created for myself.  Thanks so much for this amazing program!

Starting weight 163 lbs

After Weight: 146 lbs

Before Waist: 34"

After Waist: 30"

Hips: 42.5

Hips: 39.5"

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