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174.4 lbs.

157.3 lbs.


33.5 inches

30 inches

Before joining the TT contest I just couldn’t find the determination or desire to “get back to the gym”. As a recent university graduate, I was just starting to get settled in my career which is a whole other lifestyle adjustment on its own.

As such, I found myself falling further and further behind the “fitness bus” and just couldn’t seem to get into a routine. I would go for the odd Jog, or lift a few weights here and there, but I was certainly not being consistent.

The biggest change I noticed after starting the TT program was the motivation and support. Getting the daily emails from Craig was like a little boost of motivation filled with informative tips and tricks to keep pushing through.

After a few days of consistent training, I actually felt more energetic; and as the weeks passed I could actually notice an increase in strength and endurance.

The thing I liked best about the TT workouts was the change in pace from your “traditional” machine based workouts, to an explosive novel form of interval training.

By focusing on short, but intense exercises I was able to get the best of both worlds, increased strength and improved cardiovascular endurance, without doing hours of straight “cardio”.

Over the past 12 weeks, I have undergone a number of changes as a result of entering the TT Transformation contest. Firstly I was able to get into a routine, which actually allowed me to manage my time more efficiently.

I got a membership to Stretch Fitness in Summerside PEI which was paramount in my transformation, their facilities are open 24-7 which meant I never could use the excuse “I can’t right now, the gym is closed”. Before going to the gym, I would already have the core foundation of my workouts prepared, which allowed me to spend more time exercising, and less time deciding on what I should do next.

The key to success is finding what works for YOU and sticking with it. I used a combination of fundamental skills such as interval training, proper nutrition, adequate rest and knowing my bodies physical and mental limits.

Just as a lack of exercise can be bad for your health, too much exercise can start to work against your progress.

Armed with TT’s arsenal of workouts, and Craig’s continuous support and guidance; anyone who is ready to take a dive and make a change should have no problem staying motivated and getting it DONE!



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