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Jordan Shed 5 Inches Off His Waist with HWR and Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks





216 lbs.

206 lbs.


41.5 inches

36.5 inches

Previous to joining Trainer Ali Fox I was quite unfit and unmotivated for a person in his last year of school. A typical day was school, homework, lots of unhealthy snacks and late nights spent gaming.

I had never voluntarily participated in any form of sport as I had no desire to exercise and enjoyed instead eating lots of junk foods and being on the computer.

I tried to get interested in losing weight, being more active and improving my health, but never seemed to get very far. My goal was to get in shape for my senior formal but I did not really know where to start.

I was challenged by my mum to try out a fitness session and was not sure how I would go, but decided to give it a try. My first night was a TT style bootcamp with cardio and lots of bodyweight. I was smashed at the end but actually surprised that I felt really good and enjoyed the competitiveness and such a great workout in such a short time.

I told mum I would go back again. As I got fitter through these workouts I gained confidence and even started in some TT style boxing classes and entered an obstacle event.

Each time I worked out I felt better, fitter and more challenged. I kept going every week and slowly I started to lose weight and noticed I had more energy and my family were noticing changes in my body shape.

I started doing the Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks Workout in Fox Studio to build upper body and core strength and covert my fat to muscle. Now that I have lost some weight and have become stronger, exercise and workout routines are not something I have to do but something I want to do.

The workouts I have been given by Ali are effective and provide great results. My improved fitness now allows me to pursue my future goals of joining the athletics team for this year’s carnival and attempting the triathlon. I can’t wait for my senior formal to look fit, feel confident and have a great night.

Thank you Turbulence Training for such great, effective workouts.



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