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It was coming up to three years after the birth of our son, Jax and both I and my wife, Susannah knew we had to make changes to our unhealthy lifestyle. For those past three years, I was not working out, eating poorly and surviving on coffee as we raised a baby and moved from New York to California. We finally decided that enough was enough and resolved that 2014 was our year to take steps toward regaining our health.

So here I was, someone who used to pride themselves on living a healthy lifestyle through a nutritious diet, weight lifting, surfing, racing triathlons and now I was someone who couldn’t pass the coffee machine at work without picking up a donut!

I had trouble waking up each morning, chronic knee pain, an overall mental fog and let’s not forget about the love handles that appeared on me! Plus I was always too tired to keep up with my son.

The decision to make these positive changes coincided with Craig’s announcement of the current Transformation Contest. I have been getting Craig’s Turbulence Training emails for years and used to incorporate his body weight workouts into mine (back in the day when I actually used to work out!) as well as being amazed by the success of the participants in the previous contests. I decided this was the year I would enter!

So I began the process with another New Year’s resolution- cleaning out the garage and making a workout space where I would be able to set up my iPad and follow along with the Turbulence Training workouts.

I started with the intro workouts, which at the time were challenging to me. This was definitely a humbling experience since I used to consider myself an athlete who would never have to start on an “intro” workout.

But I got that quickly out of my head and continued, slowly progressing to the beginner workouts. At this point I could already see the changes in my body and my energy levels improving. My knee pain that I’ve had for years even started to lessen.

From the beginner workouts I eventually worked up to intermediate and then after all the years of reading about it in the TT emails, I had to try the “Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks” workout. This immediately became my favorite workout!

The workout videos are so great to follow along to and the timer bell between each set makes it easy to know it’s time to switch to the next exercise- that is super-helpful! The fact that all are available in one place online and so quick to access any workout makes them a no-brainer for anyone to use.

I also love that the foundation of the workouts are bodyweight exercises. Not having to invest in expensive equipment is invaluable, especially with all the new expenses that come with having a child.

Doing the TT workouts helped everything else in my fitness regime fall into place. I incorporated a strict nutritional program, denied my inner Homer Simpson and stopped with the donuts (doh!), went for walks at lunch and even used some of Craig’s ideas from his emails from the airport by doing squats in the bathroom at work during a break!

The TT workouts and Craig’s daily emails have helped me so much in making positive changes in my life. Craig’s mission to help others in all aspects of their lives is so inspiring to me and I am forever grateful for his “coaching from afar.”

As a result of the Contest, I have quit coffee, my chronic knee pain has disappeared, I have more energy to play with my son, go mountain biking with my wife, surf three times a week and the overall mental fog has turned into clear, focused thinking. I am even transitioning towards leaving my “desk job” for a career that is more health and wellness focused.

Thanks to Turbulence Training, I feel like a new man! My wife thanks you too!



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