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Brittney Lost 4.1 Inches Off Her Waist with HWR and Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks





164 lbs.

153 lbs.


32 inches

27.9 inches

Most people begin their 'weight loss' journey at a large weight, mine begun at my smallest. At the age of 17, I lost more than 20kg in 2 months, but not through fitness or dieting; I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic.

After beginning the never ending journey with insulin, I then began to gain weight at an extreme rate.

Going from a happy 59kg to a very sad 86.3kg in just a few months, I continued being an unhealthy diabetic and teenager until I finally realised I couldn't continue at this weight and I needed to get active; not only for my happiness, but for my health too.

In February 2013 at age 20, I began my fitness journey. I had lost a total of 15kg by February 2014 through gym workouts and dieting but I didn't feel as if the last of my weight was going anywhere after that. I was encouraged to join Ali Fox Transformations but was hesitant, I've never been confident in working out with large groups of people.

After my first TT bootcamp style session with Ali and all the 'Foxes', I was obsessed! I have now started to lose that stubborn weight and couldn't have done it without these amazing workouts.

I started this journey 3 weeks into the 12 week challenge. Some may say I was at a disadvantage starting this journey as a 9 week challenge. I say it was an advantage; I had 3 weeks to catch up on and I was determined!

For someone who only has a small amount of weight left to lose till they reach their goal, I believe a weight loss of 4.8kg in only 9 weeks is a big achievement and I couldn't be happier.

I have never been an active person or a fit person. I started this journey without being able to jog long distances, I can now happily run 1km without stopping in under 5min and it only took me 9 weeks to achieve. Without this TT style bootcamp, I wouldn't be the happy and healthy person I am today! Diabetes is just a diagnoses, nothing can stop me now!



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