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Bodyweight Workouts And Two Simple Workout
Rules Fueled Sarah's 10.8 Pound Weight Loss

It's only been in the past 3 years that fitness has played such a major role in my life. The most I ever did prior to this was when I did volleyball and basketball in 8th grade. It's a little embarrassing, but I've always been a late bloomer. The main thing is I finally took action. Better late than never, right?

I first entered the Turbulence Training Contest almost exactly a year ago with the intention of doing the full 90 days. I started out strong, hitting the workouts 2-3 times a week. I even did a few sprint intervals. One month later, the workouts tapered off. Add in moving to a new house, and the workouts stopped completely. I’ve learned how easy it is to let an excuse (or two...or three...) stop you from working out. After failing once, I was determined to put away the excuses and go all the way this time.

I really focused on eating clean (akin to ‘Primal’ lifestyle at Mark’s Daily Apple). My fiancé Brian was very supportive and a great example for me to follow. My dinner plate started looking like a smaller version of his. :) We eat out less and cook at home more. I stay away from the processed foods when I go shopping at the grocery store. I've been trying new foods to expand my selection of healthy options. I also acknowledge that I make conscious choices to eat certain foods and avoid others; I'm always in control of what I put into my body.

I use an exercise log to plan my TT workouts for the coming week. On the days when motivation could not be found, I told myself two things. #1–"Just do the warm-up. That's all you have to do." Once I inevitably got past the warm-up and into the body of the workout, I told myself: #2–"You have permission to do the crappiest workout ever. Even if you only do one rep of an exercise. Or stop 1 superset short. Just do it." These two statements have helped me more than I can say.

I got super ambitious this go-round and aimed to complete not one but TWO contests: the Turbulence Training Contest and the Early to Rise 90-Day Transformation Contest. I'm happy to say I've finished both and can't wait to tackle the other fitness goals I have for 2013!

I did the following TT workouts:

• TT Bodyweight Cardio 400 - 6 weeks
• TT Bodyweight 2008 - 4 weeks
• TT Buff Dudes Hot Chicks - 2 weeks

Starting Measurements:

Weight           151.4            
Bust                36.375"        
Arm x 2           12.375" x 2
Waist              31"                
Hips               40"                
Thigh x 2        22" x 2

Ending Measurements:                

Weight           140.6             
Bust                34.75"                       
Arm x 2           12" x 2           
Waist              29.75"                       
Hips               38"                 
Thigh x 2        22.31" x 2


Weight           10.8 lbs
Bust                -1.625"
Arm x 2           -0.375" x 2
Waist              -1.25"
Hips               -2"
Thigh x 2        +0.31" x 2

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