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September 2016 I was very discouraged. I had in knee, back and foot pain and was without much energy. I would pick up my children from school and after dinner I needed to go to bed as soon as possible. I felt the LORD prompting me to join Fit Body Boot Camp. I knew it would be a challenge for me to just get off the floor to stand up but knew it was the right thing to do.

I was impressed with the turbulence training I had heard that they used. I knew they were also going to pair these exercises with helping me eat clean. The exercises would challenge me but seeing that I only needed to do short amount of time on each exercise encouraged me to work harder. I felt was possible. In past years I had tried water aerobics and weight exercises at a local YMCA. I enjoyed it but never lost weight. I was unable to do the cardio classes because of my back, feet and knee pain. I started my journey using turbulence training weighing 221 lbs. September 17, 2016.

Today I weigh 179 lbs. I've lost 42 lbs.!! I am down 31.25 inches and 5.6% body fat! I was wearing size 2x jeans and now wear size 14! I joined the 12 week Turbulence Training Transformation Challenge because I was sold on how my life was changing. I was feeling better, making better food choices and engaging in life again! I knew I needed to keep encouraged and accountability as well. In the 12 week challenge I've lost 14.6 lbs. and 13.75 inches. What I love is that before I didn't think I had time to work out.

Now I enjoy my 35 minutes a day with my friends. I feel energize when I leave. I can push myself for the short bursts of exercises. I love that each day is always different. I never am bored. I don’t have to work out every day but I really enjoy the people, accountability and challenge I get at Fit Body Boot Camp. When I started I was out of breath just getting off the ground. My burpee was really different from everyone elses.

Now I do a full burpee with the jump and all! I never thought I would be able to plank and I plank jump now. I could not jump in December. Today I did box jumps! I love that my exercises are always changing daily. I never know what I will do next but I know I can give each move my best because of the short intervals required. I thought I had knee problems before but because of my weight loss and daily activity my feet, back and knees are great! I had even been given a diagnosis by a doctor to have surgery on one foot for Plantar fasciitis. I will not be having any surgery thank you! Because I am now eating cleaner with just a cheat meal every week I feel in control of what I enjoy. I'm really not missing anything either.

Now that sugar doesn't control me I sit and enjoy my friends and family instead of a third helping of birthday cake. I am a mother of 3 girls and a special needs son. Something very exciting is that my son who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Autism received a bicycle build for two in December. I assumed my husband would be the one to ride it with him. I got on the bike with Joshua the other day and rode up and down our street. I don't have to say NO anymore to things I want to do with our children.

Back in December I was still feeling I needed to say NO to a mission trip with my family. I didn't want to slow people down with the little endurance I had. I am happy to say that my whole family just applied for our passports! We don't have a place planned to go yet but I feel I have something to give and the endurance to help and serve others! During spring break I was able to go with my family walking in some underground caverns and felt great. I did not lag behind. It's so great to be able to not have to be huffing and puffing behind my kids.

It might seem small but something I enjoy is actually being able to paint my toenails. I could not bend down to reach them September 2016. I also enjoy sitting on the floor with my kids! I truly and thankful for the turbulence training and how it has helped my life. I am sharing what I am learning with others too. It is so freeing and I feel so blessed that I have my energy back! I can't tell you enough how turbulence training has changed by life. My family is excited they have me back.

- Kathy Kelly


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