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Vici Lost 6 Pounds In 12 Weeks





206.6 lbs.

200.6 lbs.


38.5 inches

37.25 inches

In May of this year, I vowed to myself that I would get healthy as soon as I graduated from college. My home life consists of working a full- and part-time job as a single mother. My full-time job is mentally exhausting and my part-time job does not allow me to get the sleep that I need. I will come home and not be able to focus on my day to day tasks because of this. I entered my first 12-week challenge last May and I was extremely surprised that I had placed third. Sticking to the challenge the first time around, the process was easy, I stayed on track and would not deviate from my weight loss goals. That meant going cold turkey on lots of old bad habits.

Fast forward to this next challenge that would take me into colder weather, longer hours at the office and lack of motivation to eat properly. Prepping for meals seemed non-existent and eating on the run became the norm. I didn’t struggle with the workouts as much as I struggled with food, sweets and alcohol. I found myself cheating and would constantly reset myself the next day. I am a work in progress and will continue to reset; myself to make better choices moving forward.

The greatest thing that I noticed, is that my body is really toning up and I am extremely happy with the results. My waist is smaller, my legs and arms are getting firmer and my endurance to push myself a little harder everyday gets easier. The scale victories may not be moving as fast as I want them to but the real success is in how my clothes fit, how I feel physically and the complements I receive from friends and family on how much of a transformation they have seen. Bottom line is “THIS PROGRAM WORKS”

I have many, many people to thank for the encouragement to keep moving and encouraging me to stay on track. To the trainers at Sheboygan FBBC, they are phenomenal at pushing a little harder when I need it; the SFBBC clients who have become my extended family and make the workouts a lot of fun; and also my boyfriend, inspires me to keep going and digging deep to find the “WHY”.


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