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Todd Lost 29 Pounds In 12 Weeks





285 lbs.

256.6 lbs.


46.5 inches

43.25 inches

When I entered my first TT challenge I had wrote in my essay that the contest was great additional motivation, it and the Turbulence Training world have become so much more than that. I was fortunate to walk into Sheboygan Fit Body Boot Camp and find certified TT trainer Brent Neevel, fortunate to have a workout that could help a 400-plus pound person change, fortunate to have won a contest that allowed me to travel to Denver for the Turbulence Training Summit.

Now I’d like to tell you about my physical transformation, this time around. The weight is down almost 30 additional pounds, the strength is up and I’m wearing the same size clothes I did in high school. The fact that I sleep better, no longer need to take medication and have a seemingly endless supply of energy isn’t even the best part of this transformation.

Here is the biggest transformation in my world, it started when my journey towards health did but took the largest steps during this challenge. It’s the MENTAL transformation. Inspired by my transformation and a desire to help others some simple things happened in my life. I began volunteering to sit with hospice patients, was asked to speak to others that shared my struggles and eventually was part of organizing our local competitors in this 12 week challenge.

As the journey began I understood I couldn’t fix myself anymore, I was grossly overweight and health issues were the result. The first step was admitting the need for help, second was dedicating myself to change and the third to understand the changes in my life, health and how to adjust. The fourth was how to use the new tools to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. Those steps have carried into my entire life.

The dedication it took work out daily has rekindled my love of work. The confidence gained from the transformation process working has inspired me to be more involved with a local program called NODA (No One Dies Alone). The success has allowed me to work with a number of people who are going through the same process, using my journey as the example.

This TT challenge has cemented my mindset change of sacrificing health for money. Better health has allowed me to support others in bettering their own health. Better health has allowed me to also have the fortitude to volunteer for end of life care. Better health has given me the desire back to be successful in the work place. So the biggest transformation I’ve had is the discovery that my health can bring value through happiness.

I want to say thank you to Craig Ballantyne, Danny Woodrum and the rest of the TT folks, you not only taught me how to better my health but to better my life. Thank you to Brent, Nick, Alyssa, Brittany and all the folks who have helped along this path, you’re all rock stars!


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