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Jim Drops 7 Pounds & 4 Inches





242.6 lbs.

235 lbs.


43.25 inches

43 inches

For years I have considered myself an athlete. Whether it was basketball, football or baseball I always tried to stay active. In that regard I was constantly in the gym, but learned as I got older, you can't outwork a bad diet! Two years ago I had a pretty serious knee injury which, combined with getting older and a bad diet, ballooned me up to over 275 lbs! I tried to tackle it on my own, running on a treadmill, lifting weights, going for walks, but I wasn't seeing any results.

My wife had been attending bootcamp for a while and had seen great results, but I saw it as a chick workout or a fad. I learned quickly that doing the workouts and watching them are two very different things!

I leave the gym after these 20 minute or so workouts sweating harder and feeling I accomplished way more in that short time than in the 2 hours I used to spend in the gym! I love that there is a steady support and encouragement from fellow boot campers who will push you to succeed. While I have the workout part down, I still struggle a bit with the diet. Some of my diet troubles come from the fact I have Crohns Disease and cannot eat all of the healthy things I would like to, but most of it is still breaking old habits! But I am happy to say that my last checkup I was as healthy as I have been in years!

I was able to drop over 7 lbs during this challenge and over 4 inches total, but the biggest gain was how much better my clothes fit and how much more active it has made me! I can't think Brent and his staff enough for their help along the way!

I encourage other guys out there who have doubts like I did to come on in and try a session. I guarantee you will not think of it as a chick workout and will run into women who are able to do way more than you can!

I had a good 12 weeks, but am far from where I would like to be! I need to take what I learned and make these permanent changes in my diet and lifestyle. - Jim Meyer


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