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John Lost 16 Pounds & 3 Inches off His Waist





257.2 lbs.

241 lbs.


42.25 inches

39.5 inches

I've always tried to eat and live healthy, and to enjoy the moments. A year ago this time, my wife, Kim, received the news: You have Breast Cancer! Wow, those words just rocked our world. Kim and I always thought we lived a somewhat healthy lifestyle. We watch what we eat, and exercised. So, it was hard to grab a hold of those words. Anyway, it has made us really focus more on our health. After Kim's successful battle against Breast Cancer, she wanted to get back into our workout routine. So, this 12 weeks challenge came up, and she wanted me to join her. At first, I was just going to support her.

Then what the heck, I might as well join the challenge! Thank you Kim, for challenging me to join you on the 12 week challenge. Also, Thank you to Lesa, John, Becky and Mary and the rest of the gang at Lakeside Fit Body Bootcamp, I feel great! Cheers! - John Grimes


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