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Physical and Mental Transformation Jessica Lost 17.6 Pound in 12 Week





182.6 lbs.

165 lbs.


35 inches

30 inches

I started working out at Lakeside Fitness in September, 2015, I was stressed, out of shape and had what I had thought were somewhat healthy eating habits at that time. The work outs were challenging and hard to get through for me at first, but after my six week trial was up and I was seeing results, there was no doubt in my mind that this was the gym that I needed to join to make the lifestyle change I was looking for. I was working out 3-4 days per week and still seeing consistent results but wanted to take my fitness to the next level.

The Turbulence Training Transformation contest with Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp gave me the avenue to push myself harder, analyze my eating habits closer and push my body to that next level that I was looking for.

There have been so many changes that have resulted from joining Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp and participating in the transformation contest, both physical and mental. The biggest change has been my passion for being healthy. I am completely addicted to the workouts and have a new found passion for clean eating and making homemade food. I feel good about my physical appearance, I feel good about the food I am putting into my body (and those of my children), I have so much less stress and have so much more strength, flexibility and energy.

Lakeside Fitness workouts are challenging but get results! Every workout is different and comes with varying levels of difficulty that always allow me to push myself more and more. The trainers are always helpful and encouraging; pushing you when you don’t push yourself. Through this transformation contest I have made a permanent lifestyle change and look forward to continuing on this healthy lifestyle path and hopefully to inspire others. I am so grateful for Lakeside Fitness and their support, encouragement and tough love that they have given me throughout this journey. I look forward to what the next phase of my fitness and healthy lifestyle journey will bring me!


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