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420 lbs.

345 lbs.


60.5 inches

54 inches

I'll never forget the day a dear friend asked me to join her at Sheboygan Fit Body Boot Camp. I am so happy I said yes, actually my words to Trina were, I'm out of excuses, I'll be there, That was the day my step father entered hospice care. It was the same day I arrived home after being on a job assignment that had me gone for almost the entire year and was immediately laid off. Also it was the day I took possession of the house I had just purchased.

In the past I've been big but never 420 pounds big. I played football heavier than I wrestled, so I was used to shedding weight, but this was another story. For the past 14 years I traveled for work, maintaining a healthy diet and finding time to work out consistently had proved to be a challenge. I did have a year when I lost 60 pounds working on a treadmill; it was many late nights 6 days a week for 6 months to lose that total.

I did some research on Sheboygan FBBC and Turbulence Training, stopped and checked the facility out and went and bought some wide workout shoes. I showed up for that first session a bit apprehensive and scared, I met Brent Neevel (also referred to as my fitness guru, part time counselor and friend) -the owner and lead trainer - and some of his amazing staff. They completely understood the limitations I had and where quick to offer modifiers and support. I felt complete exhaustion after so many sessions, but I found that I loved the format. We worked on balance, cardio, resistance, weights and flexibility, and did it all in a half hour session each day. Brent started coaching me on my dietary needs and told me about the 12 week TT challenge. We decided I would be ALL IN!

Now the changes in 12 weeks are what really need to be shared. The little things everyday became easier again, getting up and down from my recliner or steps weren't a struggle, the daily soreness was going away as well. My strength came roaring back, I moved appliances with ease and had fun working on the Harley and truck. My energy level is high and constant, and I sleep great at night. My blood pressure meds were cut in half then reduced again, and will be dropped altogether soon enough. I am excited to go to my sessions; it's the best part of my day. I'm participating in so much more than I could at the start and excel at some as well. I'm doing push-ups, box step ups, star jumps and more, many more, and I even hate admitting it but enjoying burpees. All of this is a big deal as I was so far out of shape that I couldn't do any of them when I started this journey.

This is my start and the Turbulence Training challenge was another piece of motivation for my arsenal of tools that are becoming habits. I am now seeing a future that involves working out not only to get in shape but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I want to say thanks to Brent, Nick, Alyssa, Brittany and Cameron - your hard work and dedication is inspiring. To all the fellow boot campers that supported me early on through so many struggles and continue as I see results, thank you as well.

It was hard to admit to myself and others that I was 420 lbs and 60.5 inches at my waist, but so much easier now that I weigh 345 and have a 54-inch waist. I hope that by sharing others may find inspiration as well.


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