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Tammy loses 9 pounds at TT Bootcamp





146 lbs.

137.2 lbs.


33.25 inches

33 inches

I just celebrated my 1 year Anniversary at Sheboygan Fit Body Boot Camp on November 1, and I am totally surprised at myself for committing this long. I have never done this. I actually signed up for another year, having confidence in myself to lose the rest and tone up.

I lost 35lbs in 12 months then came to a plateau for quite some time. For the whole year I am down about 45lbs, even with a few vacations, only gaining a pound or so. Then summer was here and I was very proud to have not gained but I maintained. September was perfect timing to start kicking it into gear again with the TT Challenge. I think I've got this!

I'm obsessed with Sheboygan FBBC, going 5-6 times a week. I feel guilty when I miss. I meal plan every Sunday, use my fitness pal to track my food, wear a Fitbit to track my steps and intensity of workout and have really pushed myself.

I love going shopping now to buy smaller sizes; it feels and looks great. The girls at work are telling me which clothes to give to St Vinny's because they are too baggy. I consider myself a fit and healthy person now and feel great, nothing can get me down.

Certified Turbulence Trainer Brent Neevel, my trainer at Sheboygan FBBC, has helped me so much on a professional and personal level. He truly cares about me and my success. He emails me to check on me, sending tons of useful information on helping me reach my goals, including meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, newsletters, information from himself & other trainers, quotes & info on Facebook, etc; Whenever I see an email or post on Facebook from Sheboygan FBBC I can't wait to read it. All the staff members at Sheboygan FBBC are great!

I am down for this challenge -6.45 inches total and feeling amazing! I just celebrated my 51st birthday and feel like I am still in my 20s!


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