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Amanda sheds 11 pounds with the support of TT Bootcamp





188.7 lbs.

177.9 lbs.


38 inches

33 inches

Before this challenge I had no energy or motivation. I was a Stay at home mum who had no ME time and basically the only workout I got was running after MR 3 and MR 1!

I Found Ali Fox certified turbulence trainer and decided to take the journey for some ME time. When I first started I found it hard (the fitness test was horrible) and thought my confidence wouldn't allow me to gain strength or fitness, but I stuck to it and was super excited with my end results. I smashed my fitness test results (I was excited for my end of challenge test to see how far I had come) and I also completed a 5km run in 36.5mins which was 7.5mins off my very first 5km run at the start of the challenge.

Joining Ali Fox and doing her TT style bootcamps has changed my life as it has made me more confident, stronger and fitter than I ever was before and has allowed me to see changes that I had to make to my life to ensure that I live it to the fullest. I look forward to going to training and it not being at the Gym (which I have previously done before children with not a lot of success).

I love working out with Ali Fox as she has created not only a great environment to work out but they have created a family (The Fox Family), they are there to celebrate your successes and always have a word of encouragement to pick you up when you are down. Ali pushes you to your full potential and will not allow you to give up. They are always right beside you.

To sum up my challenge experience: It is life changing and I have learnt that if you eat right (which I am still learning but have improved a lot), exercise regularly and trust yourself and your trainer that you can achieve anything you want to achieve; you will succeed (even with 2 demanding small children). I look forward to continuing my journey with Ali and encourage anyone who thinks they CAN'T to give it a go and I bet they find they CAN!!! It is all about TRUST, CONFIDENCE and COMMINTEMENT.


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