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"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

-Neale Donald Walsch

At 13 I started my first diet. Weighing 10lbs 2oz at birth was only the beginning and I just continued to gain excessive weight and become an overweight child. Being teased relentlessly for being fat girl was horrible and unfortunately, just made me hibernate and eat more. So at the ripe age of 13 years old I started my first diet. My mom and I joined Weight Watchers and went to weigh ins and meetings every Wednesday night at the local church. She is my best friend and support system and we have both struggled with being overweight our entire lives. With the help of Weight Watchers I lost a lot of weight and became much more confident in my high school skin.

However, my daily point allotment included frozen meals, more diet cokes than I can count and once a week I would save up my points and eat burger king for dinner. This was the first of countless diets and & lifestyle changes I have made throughout my life, and I am only 26. From Weight Watchers to Nutrisystem to Atkins to the HGC diet I have tried, and more importantly, failed them all. I would make a resolution or promise to myself and stay extremely dedicated for a few months, but none of these lifestyle changeschanged my life nor allowed me to really live.

Fast forward to August 2014. I was living in Charleston at close to 300lbs, eating fast food multiple times a week, and avoiding mirrors. I squeezed myself into a size 20W or XXL and needless to say was unhappy with my appearance and didn't even know what confidence was. I had hit my rock bottom and was ready to take back and start living my life. I signed up for Jenny Craig online, paid $550 every 3weeks for frozen meals and spoke with my consultant in California once a week who tracked my weight loss and food diary. In just over a year I had lost 65lbs, dropped to a size 16/18 regular (dependent on the store) and was thrilled with my progress. At the time I knew nothing about nutrition and didn't even know how to turn on the oven so the Jenny Craig plan was the perfect fix.With my new confidence I started taking regular yoga classes to add exercise to my new lifestyle. Little did I know I still wasn't living.

In August 2015 my friend convinced me that I had to try boot camp at Mt. Pleasant Fit Body Bootcamp. I was so reluctant. I had just started exercising a year ago and was just starting to get the hang of yoga, but still didn't consider myself strong or athletic. However, she was very persistent and quite frankly I ran out of excuses. So I joined her for my very first boot camp class and it was great! I couldn't do all of the exercises and I was definitely sweaty and out of breath, but I did not feel defeated. I left the gym feeling motivated and surprised what a positive energy there was. The format of the TT workouts showed me how to workout my entire body and showed me muscles I didn't even know I had. I really enjoy the circuit training format and always remind myself to just keep going because I can do anything for 45-60seconds.

The TT workouts have increased the number of pushups I can do, perfected my plank form, and increased my dumbbell weight. Since starting the TT Transformation I have lost 24.3lbs, 3 more sizes and 13.6 inches, but more importantly I have gained happiness, confidence and am on the road to a very healthy lifestyle. I am not only stronger physically, but am mentally stronger. Burpees are not comfortable, eating spinach over ice cream is not comfortable, grocery shopping and meal prep was way outside of my comfort zone, but I have my life back. I am shopping in stores that don't carry plus size clothing, I am dating, I have more energy and am less stressed and I AM LIVING!

With the help, knowledge, and most importantly support I have gained from Mt. Pleasant Fit Body Bootcamp I haven't simply adopted new lifestyle, I have brought myself out of my comfort zone and started living my life and I know that this is just the beginning.


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