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Willie joins TT Bootcamp and sheds 21 pounds





225 lbs.

204.4 lbs.


41 inches

37.5 inches

I moved to Wisconsin two years ago just in time for one of the most horrible winters and everything changed for me, including my physical activity. I became from being an active person who used to enjoy the beach almost every weekend, running and swimming with the dogs, to be in the couch every day watching tv doing nothing else. During my first year living in Sheboygan I gained 20 pounds and 10 pounds more by the second year.

But not only was my weight gain, also my sugar, blood pressure,cholesterol and triglycerides levels were high. That's why I decided to join the 12 weeks TT challenge.

Before the challenge I was attending the FBBC 2-3 times per week but my eating habits were never changed. As a result, I wasn't loosing weight. When I joined the challenge I set as a personal goal to attend the camp 5 days per week and change my eating habits.

One of the biggest change after doing the TT-style workouts, besides the weight loss, is my blood pressure. It has been in control since the first days of the TT challenge. In two weeks my doctor will perform lab tests to verify my sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides levels and I have no doubt that there will be a huge improvement on my numbers.

The best thing about the TT style workouts is that you don't need to spend long hours at the gym. Those 30 minutes sessions are more than enough to lose weight, improve fitness and strength.

Because of the good results, I look forward to going to the classes.


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