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Jenny joins TT bootcamp and drops 10lbs and 3 inches





163.8 lbs.

153.4 lbs.


34 inches

31 inches

On September 2nd of last year, I walked into Sheboygan Fit Body Boot Camp at 5:30 AM to become Brent's first client on the opening day of his business. I was all alone that day which was very intimidating to me as I have never done this type of workout before. I made it through the workout (very modified of course) and the next week was brutal with how sore I was! Before Fit Body, my workouts consisted of the treadmill, elliptical and some weight machines at the local gym. No ropes, boxes, TRX or dreaded burpees!

My first six months went okay, but I didn't completely have my mind wrapped around the nutrition end of things and was down some inches and less than 20 pounds. Prior to this 12 week challenge, Fit Body had its own 6 week challenge which got my head into the whole aspect of working out along with eating right.

Fast forward to today and I work out 5-6 days a week at Fit Body and incorporate other activity into my days after work. I now go workout at 5:00 AM which never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would be one of those people that get up at the crack of dawn to work out! I have made some incredible friends and am doing things I never thought my body was capable of! And have even come to somewhat like doing burpees because I know what they do for my body; even joined in for a 100 burpees for 100 days challenge! I feel like the Jenny that I always knew I could be.

I am so thrilled that an advertisement for Sheboygan Fit Body Boot Camp popped up on my Facebook page back in August 2014 and I can't even begin to put into words what Brent Neevel, Alyssa Ciepley and Nick Schmitz have done for me this past year. So far I am down 28 pounds and 21.5 inches, of which 10.4 pounds and 9.75 inches came off during these 12 weeks. I just celebrated my 41st birthday last week and am definitely feeling Fabulous at 40;!!


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