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Kelly Overcomes Mental Barriers and Has Whole New Outlook on Life By Dropping 13lbs and 5 Inches





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Ali Fox Transformation; Certified TT Trainer

My name is Kelly and 12 weeks ago my life was somewhat different especially mentally. I am your typical GONNA person, going do this and going to do that but never do. I find it hard to receive complaints and struggle to believe into motivating phrases and people, I did like to keep to myself.

I have always had weight issues, years ago I was my heaviest 105kg, I cheated and used Duramine got down to 76kg and then on my own down to 68kg. Then I had my second child and hit 98kg. After 8 weeks after my pregnancy cheated again and got down to 76kg.

But this time was not committed like last time and went off it, my eating I thought was not too bad, I try to do the clean eating but it has been sugar that was my failure. I have never been an exercise person, to be honest I always hated it but the truth was that was my mind saying that as I never exercised so how did I did I know I hated it.

My life is pretty busy and I never stop, i have a quiet high stressful job and allot of responsibility. I always put my job and my kids and husband first. I do allot for my family and friends and Kelly is always at the bottom of the list. Most days i say to myself life sucks and it is bloody hard, but I suck it up and move onto the next day. A friend suggested the 12 week Ali fox transformation program mid last year and how good their intensity program is, but i said to myself I do not have time for that and how can I leave my family of a night, so I pretty much talked myself out of it.

Then in December I started to put the weight back on but this time did not care and then thought to myself I have to do something. So I thought right sign up and then there is no going back.

At first I thought to myself what have I done, but as each week went by it did get somewhat easier. My eating was good, I really did commit myself 100% to clean eating no sugar and minimal carbs at lunch only. On my first 4 week weigh in, left me somewhat deflated as only had lost 1kg, my measurements had dropped but for me it has always been about what that scales say. That week the mind games did start, why are you bothering you have put all this effort in for what, but I just kept saying to myself it takes time and it is a life time commitment. So on top of my training I then bought a gym set and treadmill and on my weekends I would push myself at home. By the 7th week I really started to notice my clothes were too big and I was able to start to fit back into my pre baby weight clothes. By seeing this then gave me the determination to push myself harder and harder and not give up.

For myself when I started this challenge my end result was to loose 10kg and fit back into my size 10 Jeans. The old me would of said you have failed and why did you bother. But instead I just say to myself going to take a little longer in the 10KG mark, but the jeans are ever so close to fitting comfortably than ever.

I have learnt so many things in this 12 week challenge from the trainers

- Not needing a gym to do an hour workout, you only need the basic to be able to do a high intensity work out.

- There is never last, it is always about your personal time

- Pushing myself, telling myself yes you can do it, pain is good, never give up.

- Success does happen, have to put in the hard work and in time it will happen.

- Feeling good about myself again, it is ok to have my time.

- Guidance and ideas and motivational blogs on Facebook

- Wanting to keep pursuing my fitness after these 12 weeks.

My favorite part of the programmer was the high intensity circuits with incorporating cardio, using basic equipment around the house to your own body weight can give you such a workout.

My biggest achievement physically is I can run without stopping, even though at the moment it may be a kilometer but for me this is massive as previously did not exercise. I really enjoy punisher nights, mixture of the different circuits with some running involved. Even though it is hard at the end you feel really proud with yourself as you accomplished something week after week and thought was never possible. I can do burpees and plank from more than 2 minutes, my core muscles were very weak prior to starting the program.

My biggest achievement personally is mentally. I know now I can push myself even when I though a session and I am hurting and I am saying to myself please say we are finished, but instead I did dig now and push myself sometimes even more then in begging in I did. I read a saying the other day on fitness on Ali Fox page and it was

"Today you want to quit, but then you will be right back where you started, and when you start you wish you were where you are today"

Just makes you put things into perspective and say to yourself how far you have come.


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