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I was quite a fit sportsman whilst in my 20s, with playing numerous sports and putting my body through all the usual punishment. Combining pre-season training and the "Gung Ho" attitude I felt like I could conquer it all.

Fast forward to today the body has been saying no for a long time. Years of neglect through work and time poor exercise programs along with a couple of good knee injuries, the idea of being fit and healthy for my kids and approaching 40 was looking grim.

My idea of exercise was no preparation to running 10km then feeling sore and sorry resting for weeks and then doing it again. I saw small improvements but nothing significant to get any confidence to keep going.

I started training with Ali Fox and committed myself to small increments of training focussing on the turbulence training that she was doing. This was more effective in my poor time planning and gave me the maximum opportunity with the time I had.

Ali's passion for this exercise regime really grew on me and here I found a new confidence to allow myself to grow and persevere with other exercise routines.

Combining high cardio bursts in between the Home Workout Revolution and Buff Dudes Hot Chicks I found my body accepting these challenges and changing quite significantly.

I became stronger in all of my muscle groups, with no muscle loss but high amounts of body fat. This is a very exciting time for me as my kids are loving Dad time as I now have the energy to run around with them.

Slowly eliminating the "Bad" out of my diet and replacing that with a strong and plentiful eating plan the future looks a lot less grim.

In summary "I have changed through Ali Fox and Turbulence Training"


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