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When I was 6 years old I started playing minor hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer. At age 12 I started taking Kung Fu classes along with the hockey and baseball. I did this until graduating high school.

At age 19 I wanted to compete in some form of martial arts and the most popular discipline for competition at the time was kick boxing, I practiced and competed for 2 years. Although not competing any more after age 22 I still worked out on a regular basis and continued to practice a lot of what I had learned in Kung Fu and kick boxing.

At age 33 My 5 year old daughter and I started taking Karate together, we practiced for 5 years, then my son was born. With two kids parenthood kicked in big time, a successful, yet very busy career placed huge demands on my time at work, I did well to work out once a week for years.

Then another life change, relocated, and a new job that was less demanding on my time and the kids were older. 2 years ago my son and I started attending judo classes.

Looking back at all the activities I engaged in the only time I ever experienced anything close to what Turbulence Training has given me is when an instructor, coach, sensei, trainer or mentor was looking for something extra out of me and pushed me to my physical limit.

Although knowledgeable enough in terms of diet and forms of exercise, I never realized what it was I was experiencing when I got pushed so hard. I always just chalked it up to being a hard work out or in a way, discounted the experience by saying something like, boy I sure hope the next class is easier than that one. During those hard workouts I was experiencing Turbulence.

I am so grateful for being introduced to Turbulence Training, I get it now, I know firsthand what Turbulence is, and I attain it every workout I do. I always knew that I had to push myself and work hard at staying fit, but until I started Turbulence Training I was nowhere near as efficient at it as I am now.

I turned 47 on July 27 and the last time I felt this good, I was in the prime of kick boxing and 20 years old! I've never in my entire life been as muscular and strong. That coupled with my age? Think I may have a little bit of confidence now days? I've never been as content and happy as I am now.

I use a lot of my past experiences in my work outs and in my diet. I like to cook so eating well and often have proven to be very enjoyable. Before every workout I warm up using techniques I learned many years ago in Kung Fu class. In between sets I will often go a couple lengths of the room doing straight high kicks or round house kicks using my hands as targets.

I used the same kicks in Kung Fu, Kick Boxing and Karate. As soon as I'm done doing bicycle crunches I will bridge on to my toes and shoulders and do a sweep as if I'm getting out from underneath an opponent that is on top of me in side control.

I learned this in and still practice Judo. Immediately after finishing shoulder sets I will punch the speed bag as fast as I can until I lose the rhythm (the amount of time I can do this is getting longer and longer).

I'm sure this is no secret to those of you that have got serious about getting into shape using Turbulence Training, but what I am about to tell you is what I realized my very first Turbulence Training workout. The meaning of Turbulence to me is when you begin to shake. It's when you've exerted yourself to the point where your muscles start to rapid fire. When you're doing a plank and the muscles in your chest twitch almost like there is an electric current going through them. Like when you're at the end of a set and you do more reps, as many more as you can until you just can't do any more.

Turbulence is also a mindset. It's like when your body is behaving like it wants to quit on you and your mind over rules and you say to yourself unconditionally, I can do this, and push through it stronger than the previous times before. Turbulence is a commitment especially with your diet. You just don't want to eat foods that are bad for you because you've seen great improvements in your body in such a short period of time you want the improvements to keep happening.

Turbulence is for life. It has given me an almost perfectly sculpted body. My wife looks at me differently and is amazed at the changes in my physique.She has never been happier, not only because of the changes in my body, but because of how happy, content, confident and accommodating that I've become.

Turbulence has helped take what used to be a good marriage and put it at the level of greatness. Because of the consistent positive thoughts and perseverance that inherently are associated with Turbulence Training you open yourself up to more and more positive interaction, this has proven to be a wonderful experience with friends, the kids, family, co-workers and my wife.

When you're feeling good about yourself you tend to look at everything and everyone in a positive light. That is very contagious.

In closing I want to sincerely thank whomever it was that started this program. You are very much a part of the new found quality of life that my family, friends, wife and myself are enjoying to the fullest and a brighter future to look forward to than I ever imagined.


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