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315 lbs.

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58 inches

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I have been overweight, eaten poorly, drank too much soft drink and smoked for most of my life. It all came to a head when I had my first heart attack and my heart suffered too much damage that I ended up having a Heart Transplant.

I have never exercised; I lost some weight initially after the transplant but then put it back on and then some. My second shot at life was passing me by, but I still didn't do anything about it.

My wife and daughters joined an amazing group called Ali Fox Transformations and the difference that I saw in them was their weight loss, their fitness improved and the spark that came back to them gave me the courage and motivation to make the decision to change.

I knew that it would be hard! I knew that it would be baby steps but it all starts with just one step in the right direction and with the help from TT Transformation Home Workouts and Ali Fox I am now under way to improving my life and getting fitter and healthier. It will be a long process and I have made the commitment to myself and my family and knowing that I have a great trainer to help me through gives me the confidence to know I will succeed.

I am starting to see small changes; I'm not as tired or lethargic. I actually look forward to going to training and doing the Home workouts and what makes it easier and enjoyable is that I get to do it with my wife and daughters. It has become quality time that I get to spend with my family even though we are all sweaty. Thank you TT Transformations!


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