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Tamás Used the New Turbulence Training to Lose 24 Pounds and Add Lean Muscle





195 lbs.

171 lbs.


34.5 inches

30 inches

My name is Tamás Molnár. I am 20 years old and I am a student. I live in Kisvárda it is a little city in the northern side of Hungary.

I attend the University of Miskolc as a Mining Engineer. This is my second year. The sport is one of the most important things in my life.

Ten years ago I played tennis for three years, when I was 14 I started to ride bikes, 3 years later I started to play K1, in my first year of university I played American football in the city team of Miskolc.

I started weight lifting 8 month ago. I was never satisfied with my body and I always wanted to change. At the beginning I believed that if I have a good body I got everything. Weight lifting gave me self-confidence.

When I felt that I became stronger and stronger I got motivated. I have to do it, I have to go to gym tomorrow and I have to be better then yesterday.

Nowadays I do it because I love this, not for just my body. I do not deal with other's opinion. When I started the school in September, i decided to help to my parents to pay the costs.

University is expensive furthermore I have got a sister who is a student too in the same school. Then came the idea to earn money with the sport that I love.

One of my friends liked the post of my online trainer, David, where he wrote about the competition.

I decided to join the competition. The first month was not easy because I really love fat foods and if you live in a dorm you always want to eat. Eating and learning. This is the life of an average student.

After the first month when I have seen the changes, I got more power to continue. Dávid was very helpful and motivating. It helped me through the 12week.

Last week was the 12th week but I do not finish the project. Everything starts now. I would like to be the best. I really enjoyed TT 2.0 and the original Turbulence Training. Thanks for the programs!



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