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Transformation Contest 2013...

Jorge Used the new Turbulence Training and Added 2 Inches to His Chest and Dropped 3 Inches Off His Waist





195 lbs.

190 lbs.

My name is Jorge, I am 47, and I have been using the monthly programs on TT for the last 12 weeks, rotating between weights and body weight. This is the second contest I have entered, the only reason I am mentioning this is that it took a lot for me to bring myself to enter last time. I hate to admit it, but I thought I was pushing myself, but I wasn’t. I had made some improvements but not where I should really be. I have really learned a great deal this time and I have made steps in the right direction through keeping a daily accountability journal on line for all to see and I have been responsive to others response to the post. I really enjoy the post other contestants have been posting and have really enjoyed giving any guidance I could or experience I could share. The last 12 weeks have giving me a chance to grow more, I really am in the best shape of my life. I have gone from 15 % to 12.5% body fat, gone from 195 to 190, put 2in on my cheat and lost 3in in my waist. The best part is that others around me have started to start their own journey. Co-workers and friends have noticed what I have been doing and are fallowing their own plan. I am inspired by their enthusiasm and intensity to change for the better of themselves and their families. I hope that others that have been waiting to submit their entry and are a little anxious to submit their application to the contest will have the courage too and believe that there that others will help you every step of the way, to keep you informed and give you encouragement to keep pushing you to your goals. Good Luck to everyone.



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