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Gilbert Used TT for Meatheads and TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks and Lost 24 Pounds of Fat





204 lbs.

180 lbs.


41 inches

34 inches

My Comeback

It's amazing how the planets can align and reality can punch you in the gut one day. I was three weeks away from having my first son and unhappy with how I looked.

I've been battling weight issues my entire life and have never felt good in my skin. I've been addicted to food and loved to indulge, but I also knew this wasn't the type of person I wanted to be for my son. Oddly enough, around the same time I got an email from Craig.

I still have the email that changed my life from Craig. Having subscribed to many fitness email lists over the years, I get a constant barrage of them.

The subject line of this one was "Your comeback and return from Dark days". I've taken so many words from the message to heart and have gone back to them throughout the challenge - "Don't Stop", "Every morning is a new opportunity to be a better you". Simple words with a profound effect.

That day, I bought TT and throughout the 12 weeks I did TT for Mass, Meathead Pump and am currently finishing TT for Buff dudes.

Amazingly, these workouts are focused and intense and allow me to get a great workout without ever getting bored. I'm proud of my accomplishments because I never stepped foot in a gym and I want to show that it is possible to get into great shape without doing so.

Every workout was done from home, which to me was key. Having your workout equipment at home really leaves no excuse to not do them.

I've also managed to adopt this lifestyle despite the challenges that being a new father has presented.

Having my workouts locked in, I needed to clean up my diet. I read through the Simple Nutrition and was amazed at how easy it could be. I didn't count calories, or macronutrients.

I simply ate as natural as I could, focusing on a diet full of protein and fresh fruits and veggies. For once, I wasn't beating my head against a wall trying to make sure my calories were low or high enough.

At the end of the day, I lost 24 pounds and 7 inches off my waist. Although, I'd wager that I've probably gained some muscle along the way. I'm fitting into clothes that I've hardly worn in the past and am looking to donate all of my fat clothes!

Surprisingly, the key to my success was not over thinking it. I wanted to find something that could fit my lifestyle that I could sustain past 12 weeks. I needed to stop obsessing over food and just needed to start living a healthier lifestyle.

I'd like to thank Craig and Turbulence Training team for their support and encouragement throughout these past 12 weeks.

It's truly inspiring that Craig is so visible on the forums. He is not just someone selling a product as he truly cares about his clients and their progress. From here, I move forward and keep working towards a rock hard body!



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