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162 lbs.

157 lbs.


34 inches

32 inches

Well guys, this is the end...and where to begin?

What an amazing journey this has been for me, the hard work and dedication I have put in to get to where I am now. It seems to me like just yesterday that I was mulling around in my head about getting into shape...fast forward 9 months and here we are.

On this journey I have learnt so much, especially about myself and what the human body can endure...regardless of injury that one might carry; AKA, myself and my bulged discs in my spinal column.

I think for myself personally, keeping a workout journal kept me in check and accountable for my actions. Thank you to all for your support and taking the time to read through my journal..it was part of my driving force to achieving my end goal. I am proud to say that I never lost focus of that goal, tho at times my nutrition went South and the wheels came off the wagon. I would pick up the pieces, look ahead and get back on track.

This brings me to my next point, nutrition. I can't thank TT enough for the info I have gathered and learnt from others...especially coming across Brad Pilons book, ESE through this website. With these principals in place I have managed to forge the body I now have, which I am extremely proud of.

Goals I had set myself in my entry essay:

  1. I would like to get my body fat to around 10%, lower if possible and chisel sexy beautiful abs (long time dream)
  2. Strengthen my back around my spine even more than what I have already achieved and my shoulders (some of the nagging injuries I carry).
  3. Become a better husband to my wife and father to my kids.
  4. Get the confidence to maybe make a career change or look for a new job in 2014.
  5. Improve my diet.

Here are my views and achievements:

  1. Gauging from the photos when I started the transformation contest, I estimate my body fat to be around the 12 to 15%. At the end of the contest according to a 3 point measure I did twice, my body fat is sitting between 8 and 10% and I can see my abs quite clearly now. I have received a fair share of compliments on this achievement
  2. I have strengthened my back ten fold in the last 12 weeks...A very important achievement for me. I have also noticed how much better I carry myself these days. My back pain is much more manageable and a huge improvement on my flexibility. This goes for my shoulders too...jumping jacks was awesome for giving me back my shoulder mobility.
  3. This area has improved but not as much as I would like...I am still working on it; it also may be due to buying a house right in the middle of the contest.
  4. Again, another are that needs improvement.
  5. This is another important achievement...as I said earlier that I have learnt so much about nutrition here...I account this for the results I have achieved and have managed to make the changes a sustainable lifestyle for myself.

Other important areas in my life that have benefited from my journey is my health...my cholesterol is in check and well with in the safe limits range. I have been off my cholesterol medicine now for 9 months. My Dr. was blown away by my achievements and results.

Below are my final pics...which I must say I am very pleased with. If I wasn't as pasty as Casper the ghost my results may have shown up better. Nonetheless, I can't complain of the end results I have achieved...I am very proud to have earned this.

As I find this is the end of my fat loss journey...this is only the beginning of my muscle building journey. I am within 1cm now of my Adonis golden ratio waist measurement that my focus has now shifted to muscle building.

Once again, thank you to all for the support...it has been quite a journey. Good luck to all the other contestants, I am sure you have all done well.


Craig M.

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