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Transformation Contest 2013...

Angela Used Home Workout Revolution and Lost 34.5 Pounds and Improved Her Overall Strength





254.5 lbs.

220 lbs.


48.2 inches

41.5 inches

Starting my 12 week transformation I wasn't sure what to expect. I had tried other bootcamps and was always left behind. I was seeing a personal trainer but was frustrated with my lack of results.

I signed onto Ali's 12 challenge with nothing to lose except some unwanted weight. The first couple of weeks I kept my guard up high to continue protecting myself. Ali and the others kept pushing me along- believing in me and telling me I could do it when I told them I couldn't.

Then one day something happened- I started believing in myself. It might have been the moment Ali made me jump into a muddy dam or climb over a massive wall. I realised I could do it.

I let my guard down and gave my workouts, nutrition and training my all. I started losing weight but also getting stronger, fitter and faster.

I started loving the Home Workout Revolution workouts and TT style bootcamps we were doing down the beach. I was getting stronger both mentally and physically.

I thought I had nothing to lose- I was wrong. I lost 15.7kgs along with my self doubt and lack of confidence. And I did this over the hardest time of the year! I can't wait to keep going on this journey!



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