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Waleed Lost 15.4 Pounds, Two Inches Around His Waist, And Has Way More Energy

I can't explain how much fun I've had during this contest. The benefits of eating right for the past few months as well and Craig's TT workouts began to pay off and I began to enjoy the results. While my fat loss was not huge - I was able to burn 7Kg since the start of the contest - there were several achievements that, for me, were quite important.

The first of these was that I was finally able to break through the elusive 43inch waist, a goal that eluded me for several years. I finished the contest at 42.5 inches and dropped another pant size, my third drop in the last 12 months. Others included improvements in my energy, mood and a very noticeable change in my skin.

I continued with the paleo way of eating as my main nutrition plan during this contest and I'm convinced that this has been the main reason behind the results I achieved during the contest. It's a way if eating that I find easy, even when I'm travelling, as well as satisfying and enjoyable and I can honestly see myself eating this way for the rest of my life.

 I returned to TT Big 6 as the first TT workout as I wanted to build some basic conditioning. For the second half of the contest, I used the 31 Interval workouts manual with which I had success previously. I did running intervals mostly but I added my own twist by doing the warm up from TT BW 3 which gave me some muscle-building workouts too. But I also mixed in a lot of non-TT workouts too - running, cycling, lots of walking. The goal was to keep moving as much as possible no matter what the circumstances or location. I also recently bought a slack-line and this is providing endless fun for not just me but my kids too and we're enjoying building our balancing skills. It's this mix of different activities and the ability to use my body in new ways that has provided the 'fun' for me during the contest.

In summary, my results for TT15 are a 7Kg drop in my weight and a 2 inch decrease in my waist. No matter what the outcome for me in the standings in the contest, I feel like I've reached a turning point and I will be continuing along the same lines. And TT workouts shall remain an important part of my lifestyle.

The photos in the black shorts are my before pictures (8-Sep-12), and the ones in the blue shorts are the after pictures (30-Nov-12).


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