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Nicole Shattered Her Goals By Losing 19.4 Pounds And A Whopping 17.2 Inches From Her Body

Over the past 8 years I had undeniably gained weight from lack of exercise and poor nutrition. I was using my lung disease as an excuse for not having an active lifestyle saying, “It’s too hard”, “It’s hard to breathe during workouts”, etc.

Three months ago I decided to take my biggest setback and use it as motivation to get myself in shape. I decided to take my life into my own hands by not using my lungs as an excuse and I have never been more excited for my future.

I had an obscured view that I would have to work out at least 2 hours at a time in order to see any results. When I started Turbulence Training I was quite pleased to know that I could do a 45 minute work out and see great results.

I enjoy doing supersets, and am able to increase my weights almost every time I come into the gym. It does wonders for my self-esteem knowing I am getting stronger week by week. With doing a few exercises at a time I can really focus on breathing properly which makes things easier on me.

I used to have a problem with my clothes not fitting me because I kept gaining weight, now my problem is my clothes don’t fit because they are too big. This problem, I don’t mind having. I am going on my first beach vacation in a couple of months and I am excited to wear a bikini on the beach.

I set a goal for myself to lose at least 10 pounds of weight during the TT contest. In 90 days I have lost 19.4 lbs, and 17.2 inches, which I am very proud of. If you had asked me if I thought I could do this 6 months ago, I would have thought you were crazy. Thank you for making workout routines that anyone can do and advance in such a short period of time. I am so happy with the results I can’t wait to share my story with family and friends.

I received my results from doing the following TT workouts:

  • TT workout Beginner Level Work Out – Fast Loss
  • TT workout Immediate Level Work Out – Fast Loss
  • TT 2K4
  • The nutrition program I used to achieve my results:
  • Slow Carb Diet
  • Eat Stop Eat 

Measurements Before/After:





179.6 lbs

160.2 lbs

19.4 lbs









2” above navel




Gluteal Hip



8 cm

Arm x 2

12.0” x 2

11.0” x 2

0.9” x 2

Thigh x 2

24.4” x 2

22.0 x 2

2.3” x 2

Total Inches lost : 17.2

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