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Erika Lost 14 Pounds And 4 Inches With The Help Of Bodyweight Workouts

I'm Erika Ulbert. I live in Hungary, and I'm 27 years old. Sport has always been a lifestyle for me. After high school and later I simply could not fit it into my schedule. So the elusive, never before known "unwanted weight" has reached me too.

I did not know what to do with the extra fat.It was around this time that one of my partner's friend suggested a life-changing workout programme.

My mate is called Karoly. He was the one who started Turbulence Training under the guidance of David Sipos, and they entered the contest.

Which he won (the 6-week category). Supporting my partner I decided to start working out too. I was 64kg back then. Seeing Karoly's results motivated me the get help from David to help me walk this path.

We set definitive goals, and had a deadline (the end of the TT Contest). Focus was not only weight, but fat loss, measuring things like waist, hip and shoulders, too. I felt confident that I can do this!

I was thrilled to start the workouts which I enjoyed much! We used TT Bodyweight Cardio 3 at first then moved on the TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding and TT Gauntlet was fun, too!

When a few weeks of my new lifestyle has passed, I was getting used to the system. Results came quickly. 16weeks before I was 58.7kg. 12 weeks before, I weighted 56,7kg. This was when we really decided to enter the contest.

Being in a competitive spirit helped me in this journey. I never have imagined that I could reach 50.5kg after 3 months. But I did. After the 6th weeks I hit a plateau. It was hard to work out and fast. But fortunately I persevered and after that nothing could have stopped me.

Oh, yes. We used Eat Stop Eat mainly but I was given a weekly calorie goal also. It was easy to follow and the results speak for themselves. After a few weeks it was really easy to maintain the new habits.

I followed the tips and workouts, so success was inevitable. I'm thankful for David who showed me that you can paste exercise into an adult's time frame and for Craig who invented this brilliant and truly efficient programmed.

My goal for the next few weeks is to maintain what I've done. But I know I can do it.

So, results in inches and pounds (also note that i'm 4'10/59" so I think it's pretty good)

Weight: 125 > 111lbs
Waist: 29 > 25in

Thanks for the opportunity, your sincerely,


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