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Guttorm Continues His Amazing Body Transformation With TT and Kettlebells

Hi everybody!

I hope all of you weight losers are well and successful and that you have had a great experience with Craig Ballantyne’s 6th Transformation Contest. These contests really do a great job improving our lives, and I feel that no matter who wins this specific contest we are all winners considering the help we have had from Craig’s program to make changes in our lifestyle. This change in lifestyle may very well also have a great impact on longevity. It certainly feels that way for me, and that is wonderful. If you want to read some more about my background I paste in my essay for the 5th Transformation Contest at the end of this essay.

I want to apologize for not being active on the TT-members blog. I received so many supporting, nice words and so much encouragement during the 5th Transformation Contest, and I really feel bad about not being active on the blog. However, time is not on my side, it seems. I have so many deadlines and commitments to fulfill, so I have to make priorities.

Since I also participated in the 5th Transformation Contest, I feel that my progress is linked to my achievements during that period as well, since the two contests are following almost right after each other. I have not been able to lose as much weight this time, and that may be because I reached a plateau right before this contest started, and it has been really hard to lose weight during this contest. I have all the same lost a few pounds in these 12 weeks of the 6th Transformation Contest, 4.4kg/9.7 lbs – and that is far better than gaining – ha-ha J. I think I will have better results in January 2010 when I have trained persistently through this plateau period. I have decided not to give up, and then results should hopefully come gradually.

My measurements are as follows during both the 5th and the 6th Transformation Contests: 

(The number before the slash (/) is with muscles relaxed or airflow exhaled and after the slash is muscles embraced or airflow inhaled.)

Weight before the 5th Transformation Contest 131,6 kg (290 lbs) (On the 21st April: 134.8 kg/297 lbs)

Weight after the 5th Transformation Contest 123 kg (271 lbs)

(Weight loss during the 5th Transformation Contest 8,6 kg (18,95 lbs))

Weight after the 6th Transformation Contest 118.6 kg (261.47 lbs)

(Weight loss during the 6th Transformation Contest 4.4 kg (9.7lbs))

The measurements for the 5th Transformation Contest was done by my daughter, Eva, and the measurements for the 6th Transformation Contest was done by my wife, Karin, so I can not be absolutely sure of the accuracy of these measurements, but it looks as if they are going in the right direction.

I have followed the TT-program and the meal plans of Isabel De Los Rios and the Empowered Nutrition of Patrick McGuire and Vince DelMonte in the 6th Transformation Contest as I did in the 5th. For variation I will now, after the contest, try out Joel Marion’s «Cheat Your Way Thin» as the program was so highly recommended by all you gurus.

On the 16th September the 6th Transformation Contest started for me continuing the Advanced TT-program that I had been using as the last program in the 5th Transformation Contest.

On the 28th September I continued with Turbulence Training 2K3 for 4 weeks.

On the 26th October I started training at home with kettlebells. I bought a whole bunch of them, 2x4kg, 2x8kg, 2x12kg, 1x16kg and 1x20kg. Since then I have been training with kettlebells 3 times per week and I have been doing a 10 minutes bodyweight warm up, and then about 30 minutes with kettlebells with 4 sets of 8 workouts recommended by Craig Ballantyne and Chris Lopez. I am absolutely exhausted when my workout is finished, my pulse is way up and my shirt is soaking wet.

In between workout days I have been to «Core with ball» (Pilates?) at the local gym together with my wife, and I have been doing some light resistance training at the gym also on the in between days. Every Thursday I am doing water trim for an hour in a hot pool at the local home for elderly disabled. So all in all I have been doing quite well, I think.

In addition I have bought almost everything all the gurus (who recommend each other) (you know who you are J) have put up for sale on their sites, so I must be one good customer. It has been a bit overwhelming. All the purchases has lifted me for substantial cash, but I have been reading and learning all the time, and now I have an arsenal of workouts, meal plans and expert tips to draw on in the years to come. You may say I have really invested in good health for the long term, and even if it is great to win a contest and get some attention, my main concern is how to contest with myself and win in the long run.

That is why I have thought more about a longer perspective during this contest than actually just shred fat to be as lean as possible for the after photos. I have tried to follow advice for building muscle, and therefore have followed a meal plan with a slightly higher daily calorie intake. It has been a challenge not to lose my spirit when I for a long period of time has been on a plateau, but I think I will have a better foundation for further weight loss when I build some muscle first, and thus my weight loss in the 6th Transformation Contest is not as great as in the 5th Transformation Contest.

I have decided to be very patient with my progress and I have set myself a new goal that instead of reaching 95 kg (209,4 lbs) in the end if January 2010 as I expressed in my essay for the 5th Transformation Contest, I will extend that goal till the 21.st of April 2010, which is my birthday. Then it will be exactly one year since I got the whole Turbulence Training program as a birthday present from my daughter, Eva, who also signed me up for the 5th Transformation Contest as part of the birthday gift. This has been the best birthday gift I have ever received.

Because I really want to improve my health and get my life back, I have been more concerned with the relationship between fat percentage, fat mass and lean muscle mass than actually how many kg/lbs I lose in the short term, since building muscle also mean putting on weight.

I have performed a thorough colon cleanse which has done wonder for my digestion, although the first two weeks of the cleanse was quite an ordeal. :-P

I have tried to better my acid/alkaline results, and although I have a long way to go I can definitely measure improvements and I am getting closer to the magic 7.2 Ph value. This is however not an easy task, and I reckon I will have to struggle with this one for a long time.

I have also been able to cut back on my medication, and that is one of the best things that happens to my health right now. This has to be done gradually, as I have been on this medication since 2000.

This is the current list of my daily medication:

Gluchophage 2500 mg – for diabetes – CUT BACK 500 MG

Amaryl 2 mg – blood sugar stabilizer

Coaprovel 300 mg irbesartan/12,5mg hydroklortiazid – for lowering blood pressure

Albyl-E 75 mg - against blood clot (thrombus)

Fontex 20 mg – against depression – side effect: weight gain !! – AWAY AND GONE

Samin 625 mg – pain relief with joint arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis?)

Simvastitin 40 mg – reducing cholesterol

Omnic (Tamsulosin) 0,4 mg - regulates the prostate

Finasterid 5 mg - regulates the prostate – AWAY AND GONE

Diprosalic 0,05% liniment – for psoriasis – USES NOW SPARINGLY

I was at the hospital for testing of the prostate in October, and the result was excellent. I peed 680 mg and left only 50 mg in the bladder, and the flow curve was normal.

My blood pressure was all time high in 2000 with 195/145. The last measurement in October 2009 was 108/70 !! :-) My long time measurement of blood sugar is also normalized now to 5.5 (down from 5.7 last month). Four years ago it was around 16-17.

I have come to learn some new information about my measurements since I entered the competition. The reason is that I am enrolled in a program for obese people who by definition qualify for surgery.

On the 1st of October 2008 (200eight!) I was measured at the clinic, but I was not handed over the results. The results should be compared with new results a year later. I was back at the clinic for another week in September 2009 (200nine!) and I took the test again.

This time I got the results printed out, and the doctor at the clinic was very satisfied with the results. He was very happy for me. The doctor, the nutritionist and the physiotherapist at the clinic also encouraged me to continue with the TT-program, and they wrote in my «Follow-up Activity Plan»: «Keep doing what you’re doing, don’t change a winning team». That has been pretty motivational for me, and I am happy for the recognition Craig’s program received at the clinic. The government, no private initiative, runs this clinic, so I think this recognition has an ever greater value coming from them.

Here are the results from the two measurements done with something called «Tanita Body Composition Analyzer TBF-310» I set weight, fat% and fat mass in bold and use the color red. I am not sure what all the other numbers mean, but may be they can tell you something J:

My number one motivation for changing my life style and reduce my weight is still to extend my lifespan and enjoy my family; my wife, my children and their spouses and my grand children. As I stated in the essay for the 5th Contest I really want to see them grow up. My eldest grand daughter is now 3 years old, so my goal is ambitious my health considered.

My body still hurts. It is still painful to move just about every muscle, and all my bones are aching. I can hardly bend my fingers these days, and my knees are killing me. Some of the days I am doing my workouts I really have to pull myself together before I begin, but luckily I have managed to do the workouts every time, and I always feel better afterwards.

Sometimes I feel it is a bit unfair that all my training does nothing for these pains, but then I try to see all the positive results I have achieved after all, and that is a lot. I also have a fantastic support in my family, and that keeps me going.

This concludes my essay for the 6th Transformation Contest.

I wish all of you good luck with your transformation results.

Best regards from

Guttorm Kittelsen

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