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Mark Drops 14 Pounds and 5% Body Fat at 43 with Turbulence Training and Eat-Stop-Eat!

I came across TT through Men’s Health Magazine here in Australia when they said the best person to follow in terms of interval training was Craig Ballantyne. I downloaded the free program late last year and loved it. My goals were to lose fat of course, but I wanted to transform my body and to actually get smaller and lighter.

You see I am a Karate Man. But at the age of 43 I felt I no longer met that image. I no longer felt that I could call myself a Karate Man unless I was as good as I could be both physically, mentally and technically. I wanted to get back to being a lean, mean, fighting machine!

So in December last year I bought the basic package and did another month. I also bought Brad Pilon’s E-Book East Stop Eat and was following that, but March-May are Conference time in my day job world as a banker, and by the time of my ‘before photo’ (taken at the end of a 3 day conference on the Gold Coast in Queensland) I had the look of a swollen pig. What I really needed was the challenge and goal of a Transformation Contest!

So I took up the challenge. I loved the exercise and almost never missed a session. I loved that the workouts really worked me hard, but I wasn’t bulking up. But I didn’t really take the diet part seriously and never gave up the booze. Despite that I gradually lost the pounds.

A big issue for me was the lack of a support base. My wife never supported me losing weight. She thought the training was excessive and the East Stop Eat lifestyle was insane. I had to just rely solely on my own motivation. To add to the problem, about half way through the contest my wife’s father became ill in the UK and she flew out leaving me with two kids to manage for 2 1⁄2 weeks! I handled it by taking some time off work and enlisting the help of my parents, but I still didn’t give up drinking several nights a week. I was just too stressed.

I started to get real serious about my diet while she was away and even tried Vince Del Monte’s ‘The World’s Hardest High Protein Low Carb Diet.’ I lasted 3 days. Now that was insane! But I smashed through a weight barrier and it set me looking for something not so hard and came across another body building diet that I quite liked. You know, egg whites, oats with water, broccoli and chicken, etc….

Anyway, I pushed through. All on my own. No support, no training partner. My additional training was karate. I did solo training in the park at 0630 and also taught my class once a week.

I managed to get to 80% of my goal weight and I am sure the reason for not achieving 100% was the alcohol. But I am really pleased I lasted the whole 12 weeks and in fact I am still going three weeks later and am only 3 lbs away from my original target. I am doing another TT workout and ESE.

The biggest success for me was not stopping, and pushing through no matter what happened. I also now have found a perfect exercise and diet combination that works for me and I can easily follow. I am leaner, fitter and more like the Karate Man that I want to be than I have been in many years. It feels great!

Thanks Craig.

Statistics Day 1 (May 3rd) Day 84 (July 25th) Lost
Weight 190.7 lbs 177.7 lbs 14 lbs
Stomach @ navel 39 in 35.8 in 3.1 in
Body Fat * 25.5% 20.20% 5.30%
*Using tape method

Programs Followed:
TT Fat Loss Fusion Feb 2006
Ultimate TT 2K9
TT 2K9 Fusion



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