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Soon-to-be-Doctor Ion Drops 16.5 Pounds With Simple Diet Changes and Turbulence Training Workouts

Here is my official entry for the 5 week mini contest:

Height- 1.79m

Weight- 95kg---------------87.5 kg----------7.5kg
Lower abs-102 cm----------98 cm------------lost 4 cm
No measurements--------Middle abs- 96.5cm
No measurements--------Upper abs- 94 cm
Chest -109cm---------------104 cm----------lost 5 cm!!!!!!! AUGH!!
L arm -38 cm----------------37cm-------------lost 1 cm
R arm- 39 cm----------------38 cm------------lost 1 cm
L thigh-58cm----------------56.5cm-----------lost 1.5 cm
R thigh-59cm----------------57.5cm-----------lost 1.5 cm
L calve- 40cm---------------39 cm------------lost 1 cm
R calve- 41cm---------------40.5cm-----------lost 0.5 cm

When I started TT almost 2 months ago, things were going pretty much in the same way like in the 2 previous transformation contests, with one big difference: back then I only knew what I had to do to get lean, but now I simply did it! No more excuses. End point.

It all started back in January when I looken into the mirror and saw that horrible thing that was my physique. Had to make a change. My 67 year old dad has diabetes, high blood pressure and a miocardial infarction and I, even if I’m a medical student and should know better, was heading the very same way! Unacceptable!

So I picked up one of my favourite TT workouts and moved my impressive physique to the gym. No problem with that, always loved intense training. But my 4 major improvements in this contest are the right mindset, nutrition, consistency and patience. 2 years ago I was thinking like this: “I hope this works...”, “I will try to avoid sugar” Well, that’s over now. No more hoping and trying. I’m just doing it. I’m simply not the guy who cheats on his fat loss plan anymore- I said it day after day in front of the mirror and sincerely believe in it.

As soon as I’ve removed all added sugar from my diet, I’ve started melting at a rate of 700-1300g per week. Again, patience and consistency made the difference. I’ve had good results before. But they weren’t awesome because I was expecting them too soon- like 2-3 weeks. After all, what if I’m stuck at the same weight for 4-5 days? I’ll lose more weight anyway in the next few.

No more stressing out.

Can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the remaining 7 weeks, seeing my results so far. Ouups... Should put it differently: what I will achieve!!

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