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Charles Drops a Dramatic 25 Pounds and 3.9% Body Fat in Only 5 Weeks with Turbulence Training

I started this program with an open mind and set high goals. I first purchased the system about 3 years ago, skimmed over it and never got any further than that. I was looking for the easy way out, some magic trick to help me loose weight. I was looking for the lazy way out. I came to realize the lazy way is what got me to where I was in the first place.

During the last 5 weeks I have challenged many of my paradigms, and realized that I needed to make changes in the ways I perceived things and did things. I always wanted to have an active life style; I just lost the motivation to do it. So I cleared the slate, so to say, of all of the years of programs and systems and magazine articles that I have learned from and started fresh. I took the TT system as it was with no outside influence or modifications, and low and behold it works outstandingly.

I have gotten my diet under control, and did a lot of soul searching and self evaluation to figure out what triggered my binge eating and reckless attitude towards my health (most of this was done while getting through the interval training). I feel I have a better understanding of why I do things and definitely have come up with a set of tools to keep me from slipping. I have also realized how much the social support makes a difference, and have come to count on reading what everyone on here has to say and their individual journeys. I never would have thought it could make such a difference and I am glad I signed up for the website instead of just mailing my info in.

So in 5 short weeks I am on my way to healthier life. My quality of life has greatly improved and my emotional well being has not been this good or stable in at least 20 years. There isn’t a day that goes by where someone doesn’t compliment me and ask what I am doing to be successful with my transformation. I explain as best as I can then I refer them to the TT website and the total diet solution websites.


Weight:_363.6 lbs
% BF:_39.1

Neck:_50 cm
Shoulders:_179 cm
Chest:_ 156 cm
Waist +3:_ 148 cm
Waist:_ 142 cm
Waist -3:_ 133 cm
Hips:_127 cm
Thighs +9:_ 73 cm
Thighs +6:_ 63 cm
Thighs +3:_ 49 cm
Calf:_ 52 cm
Bicep:_ 42 cm
Forearm:_ 34 cm

FINISH DATE 06JUN10 Measurements

Weight: _338.2 lbs__-25.4
BF%_ 35.2__-3.9
BMI: _43.2__-3.5

Neck: _47.5 cm__-2.5 cm
Shoulders: _162.0 cm__-17 cm
Chest: _148.0 cm__-8 cm
Bicep: _38.0 cm__-4 cm
Forearm: _31.5 cm__-2.5 cm
Waist +3:_137.0 cm__-11 cm
Waist: _132.0 cm__-10 cm
Waist -3:_129.0 cm__-4 cm
Hips: _125.0 cm__-2 cm
Thighs +9:_73.0 cm__0 cm
Thighs +6:_66.0 cm__+3 cm
Thighs +3:_56.0 cm__+7 cm
Calf: _49.0 cm__-3 cm


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