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Brian Drops Over 11 Pounds and 4.5% Body Fat With the Primal Diet and Turbulence Training Workouts


Wgt.______199.5_____188.0_____-11.5 lbs.


Until 6 months ago, I had not been exercising in several years and had allowed 25 years of poor eating and minimal exercise to add up to 60 lbs of weight gain. I decided toward the end of last year that this was the year I was going to change that, and I set a goal to be in the best shape of my life before I turn 50 in three years.

I started with my diet. At first I just cut back on my portions and sweets and lost about 20 lbs. Beginning the first of this year I began limiting myself to meat, vegetables, and a small amount of fruit and dairy. I started exercising a month later using the Tony Horton Power 90 dvds that I had bought several years earlier but quit using after a month or two. My goal was to reach 200 lbs by the end of March because I have a dive vacation scheduled then. I made it to within a few pounds of my goal.

When I came back from my trip I was ready for the next step. I knew the very low carb diet was probably not sustainable for a life time, yet without a plan I would likely gain back everything I lost and more. I found the Primal Blueprint, and felt like maybe I could stick with it, continue approaching my fitness goal. The primal blueprint preaches the evils of chronic cardio and promotes lifting heavy several times a week and doing intervals/sprints once or twice a week and then moving slowly/playing the rest of the week. I started search for a program that fit that theory. Several members of the Primal Blueprint family supported Turbulence Training so I looked at it, and decided to try it.

My wife and I work out together, although we have different nutrition plans. She can stay healthy eating all food groups by using portion control. I tend to eat to much and have found I am much better off just eliminating the foods that tend to become fat. We started at the beginning of Turbulence
Training for Fat Loss with the beginners routine. Unlike many other posters on this site, we felt challenged and wondered if we would be ready for intermediate in 4 weeks and dreaded original in 8 weeks.

Two weeks into the beginner routine, Craig announced Transformation #8. At first my thoughts were: this is not for me, it is just good marketing to draw new clients. I thought there was no point in a 12 week competition, when I had accepted that my transformation would take several years to reach my fitness goal and then maintaining/improving for the rest of my life. Twelve weeks is just a flash in the pan. I have read interviews of past contestants/winners of other transformation programs and most have major improvement during the competition but then do not know how to continue and end up back where they started. This is when I realized the Turbulence Training Transformation was different. Craig had created programs for after the Transformation. The transformation was not just a start and end, but rather an incentive to stick with the program, jump start your life long transformation and keep you going strong for 12 weeks. So I decided to do it, with the hope that the competition would keep me a little bit more on the straight and narrow both exercising and eating.

Next Craig announced the five week transformation, and again I thought marketing. He does not want to lose clients to Joel’s extreme diet and exercise program so he developed Titans and the five week transformation. Again I saw the light a week later and realized that while 12 weeks was a flash in life’s plan, it was still long enough to allow thoughts of complacency. Adding the 5 week program would help keep the mind strong for the first weeks with an added incentive, and by then the 12 week transformation would be nearly half completed with the finish in sight.

While I believe I would have continued using Turbulence Training and reached my long term goals without the Transformations, the transformations have certainly added energy and drive to my plan. I will make it sooner now. I have also learned the importance of taking photos to document your changes. I knew I had advanced towards my goal during the five weeks, but without the photos I would not have thought it was very much.

I am a lifetime convert to Turbulence training. It works and should continue working as long as I follow it, and follow it I will. Thank you Craig, I found my nutritional ying and you are providing my fitness yang.


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