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Matthew Gilbert Showing Great Results Using Clash Of The Titans Program

I'm “Down to, Round Two” should have been my post topic for my second Transformation Contest. I started my first contest with the right goals, but I don't think I had the entire mind set. This time around I had it all and in full swing. I lost some things from my life right at the end of the last contest and I feel into a depression as well as back into my old ways. Not only did I start eating bad again, I started drinking heavily also. This is after I had been stone cold sober for three years. It was a huge jump for me and I didn't like the way it made me feel, none the less the way it made me look.

I started this contest with some high and lofty goals. Some may say too lofty, but I beg to differ. I'm not saying that I will achieve the goals I set during this contest, but I know I will be much closer to them at the end of it. I have already accomplished many different things this time around through the Transformation Contest than the last. I have set goals to try and help other even more through my journey. I have even created a Meal plan that I will be sharing with everyone real soon.

I have used the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet system and the Clash of the Titans workout for the first 4 weeks. I have started my own version of a diet plan and have been using the New TT Metabolic Resistance for the last two weeks. My workouts have been spot on and I have stuck to my diets 97% of the time.

My current goals were/are to:

  • -First Four Weeks-
  • In the first 25 days to lose 20lbs & 2% of body fat.
  • Eat 99% on XFLD (I get a cheat day every week, I should be able to stick with it).
  • Stay on track with my workouts & get them in 6 out of the 7 days of the week.

I am very happy with my goal work for the first four weeks. I was able to achieve the second and third goals. I will not say I don't care about the first goal, because I do care very much so. But with that said I care much more about body Fat percentage that actual weight loss. I knew others had lost over 25 pounds in 25 days on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet and I was hopeful that I could do the same. I know/knew that 20 pounds in 25 days could be done, but it all depends on how much you have to lose. The more you have to lose the easier and faster you will lose it. I lost about 13-15 lbs in the first four weeks of the contest, so I missed my goal by approximately 10lbs. I can live with that. I will look forward to the next portion of the contest and will no longer look upon the first 4 weeks.

-Second Four Weeks-

  • Lose 15lbs & 2% of body fat.
  • Eat 99% clean.
  • Stay on track with my workouts.
  • Win the Six week challenge.

I am also very delighted with my goal work for the second four weeks. I was able to achieve the second and third goals yet again thus far. I have lost 4-6 lbs of the 15, and I feel that I will be close to accomplish that goal as well. As far as the 4th goal of winning the 6 week contest, I am confident in my results that I have a great chance with this goal.

-Third Four Weeks-

  • Lose my last 10lbs for good & 1% of body fat.
  • Eat 99% clean.
  • Keep on track with my workouts.
  • Win the 11th TT Contest...

We will have to see it to the end on the rest of the goals.

Matt Gilbert

Contest Start

Age 32

6' tall


17.39% Body Fat

Six Weeks

Age 32

6' tall

231lbs -19lbs

15.5% Body Fat -1.89%

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