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Using Turbulence Training Body Weight Cardio 3 and 2K10 Program Mark Glodfelte Lost 8 Pounds in 6 Weeks

This is my second attempt at the TT Contest. If you recall, the last one I ended up getting very sick midway through and really hindered me throughout the rest of the contest. Plus my diet was fair, not good nor great.

This second time however I really put my heart and mind into the contest. I am really enjoying it much more because I have seen many more improvements physically and emotionally. The TT workouts, coupled with diet, have been such a huge benefit. Thanks Craig for all the time you spend creating programs that makes a positive change in our lives.

To begin, here are my stats at the beginning and end of the 6 week mini contest.

Weight: Start - 187.8 / End - 179.8 (-8)
Neck: Start - 15.75 / End - 14.75 (-1)
Bicep Unflexed: Start - 12.5 / End - 12 (-.5)
Wrist: Start - 7.5 / End - 7 (-.5)
Chest: Start - 40.5 / End - 38 (-2.5)
Waist: Start - 37 / End - 34 (-3)
Hips: Start - 39 / End - 38 (-1)
Thigh: Start - 22 / End - 21 (-1)
Calf: Start - 14.5 / End - 14 (-.5)


Like last time I am going with the BW workouts. At my age (49) they are less stressful on my joints and give me greater flexibility and endurance. My workouts for this 6 week contest were the BW Carido 3 for the first 4 weeks and presently using the BW Bodybuilding 2K10. I went into these workouts with more motivation to do them. I really pushed myself and can tell a major difference.

I have found out with these BW workouts, they have really be influential in controlling my blood sugars (I’m an insulin dependent diabetic). I was finding out my energy level’s throughout the day became better. I felt like I did not need to take a nap mid afternoon like I did before I started this contest. To put it simply: THESE PROGRAMS WORK! Plus for the first time in a long time, I can just barely begin to see my abs. The last time I saw them was 25 years ago when I was in my early 20’s.


My goal for the entire 12 week program was to get down to 175-180. I already accomplished that with the 6 week mini. From the tips Craig and other TT members have given to following the Eat Stop Eat, I have made huge improvements in my fat loss. There’s no doubt, diet is KEY when it comes to fat loss. I don’t believe I have ever been this focused on my diet, and it’s paying off. I have stayed away from simple sugar food and ate clean. Complex carbs, meat/whey protein and healthy fats (almonds, olive oil, natural PB). I found out after 1 week it really did become much easier. I guess my body has adjusted to this type of eating.

Craig, thank you for providing Turbulence Training. It has literally changed my life in so many ways. More energy, more flexibility, more endurance, more strength, AND LESS FAT!!!!!!!!!! I owe a debt to you that could never be repaid, and so I say with heartfelt emotions: THANK YOU

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