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After 6 Weeks Jon Hartwell Is Nutritionally Smarter and Down 14 Pounds.

Day 1: 165lbs, 17% BF (28 lbs fat, 137lbs LBM)
Day 42: 151lbs, 12% BF (18lbs fat, 133lbs LBM)

Well, despite it being such a short period of time, I feel like I've learned more about health and nutrition over the past 6 weeks than I had in the past 6 years. I'd like to think I've come a reasonably long way as well!

I've always exercised and been keen on sports, but a love of food that's not so good for me has always been my downfall when trying to get into shape so I knew that nutritionally I'd have to change things. When I first heard about intermittent fasting, I thought it was just some fad money-making scheme and didn't understand how it could possibly be healthy, but wow how I was proved wrong. I've been experimenting with a mixture of leangains and Eat Stop Eat style fasts, both of which I've found are great and simple ways of controlling calorie intake. There have still been (too many) cheat days, but overall, my nutrition has been pretty good.

Being new to TT, I started with the basic workouts and have recently moved up to TT2K3. I'll be continuing that for another 2 weeks before moving on to TT2K4 for the final 4 weeks. The workouts have cut my gym time in half, while being much more effective (and gruelling!).

My original goal was to drop to 10% BF; not something I've achieved just yet, but something I've made a good start on. I'm not sure how much to trust these readings, specifically the BF %, but here's what the scales say:

Day 1: 165lbs, 17% BF (28 lbs fat, 137lbs LBM)
Day 42: 151lbs, 12% BF (18lbs fat, 133lbs LBM)

Looking forward at the next 6 weeks, I've got 3 points that top my list:

1. Being consistently disciplined - In both exercise and nutrition, although it's the latter which I find the most difficult (and, of course due to the laws of the world, therefore the most important!).

2. Being more active on the forums - I think my best week nutritionally was when I was posting every day on the forums. It's great to see other people's progress and it really gives you motivation, not to mention you've got real accountability when you know you have to tell everyone what's been going on.

3. Continuing to learn - I'd like to see this 12 weeks as a period of learning, something that will give me the knowledge to go away afterwards and continue living a healthier lifestyle, rather than a 12 week "crash diet". A lot of things I've learnt and taken on I'll certainly be continuing, whether it's a fresh outlook on fasting, a new way of working out or even the recipes for Meatza and High Protein Almond Bread (available in the forum!).

So, wishing everyone the best for the next 6 weeks, I really hope I'm back here at that point telling you how my goals have all been reached, thanks to Turbulence Training!


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