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Darren Lertno Lost 18.5 Pounds and 4.75 Inches From His Waistline Using Turbulence Training Nutrition Guide

I started working out about 18 years ago focusing on building muscle but always had the goal of getting a six pack. Over the years I've participated in rowing, hockey, baseball and other recreation sports as well. I've tried workouts like TaeBo, P90X and even infomercial gadgets like the ab roller. Doing the same workout over and over just gets boring and ineffective. No matter what workout I did they didn't last and weren?t effective. I would go in cycles of working out and not working out. I never paid much attention to my nutrition. I was under the impression that I could do it with working out and some fat loss pills.

Fast forward 18 years later, married with 3 boys, a lot less time and more bumps and bruises (back, shoulders). I no longer had the time or patience to workout at a gym. It just eats up too much time getting there and then having to wait for the equipment while people are socializing in between their sets. Working out 7 days a week, 2hrs a day wasn't cutting it either. I needed something less time consuming that I could do at home with a set of dumbbells, an exercises ball and a bench. My focus was no longer on building muscle as my body could no longer take it. It was time to get lean, lose the fat and get a six pack.

I found Turbulence Training and all these contest winners with their great results and it looked like a respectable product. It may have also helped that Craig is from Toronto Canada which is pretty close to where I live. Since I hate boring cardio it seemed like the workout for me.

I began with the Bodyweight Cardio 3 Workout since I wanted a workout I could do at home. I wasn't really into it and still feeling lazy just going through the motions. I decided I would give the transformation contest a try. Unfortunately it was running into my big vacation so I skipped out on it and then another one when I got back because I had no energy or motivation.

Then came spring and I was up to 198 and my belly kept growing from eating too much and not working out. It was time to find a good time to start. I realize now that there is never a good time. The best time is now. So at the time that I probably have the most things going on (moving, birth of a 3rd son) I decided to add 1 more thing to the equation. My transformation to a six pack began.

During my 6 week Turbulence Training contest journey I used the Intermediate Workout followed by the 2K4 workout (2 weeks). I used the Turbulence Training Nutrition guide to help learn what foods and how much I should be eating. I have been posting updates in the Turbulence Training forum for each day of the contest. It's very motivational reading about everyone that is going through the same things you are. I have also posted a couple questions to Craig that I have about the workouts and other workout questions. He chose the workouts I am doing as it was just too much for me to figure out what to do. It's easier to just have someone tell me.

After 3 weeks of seeing good results with the workouts and the nutrition guide I decided I needed to take it to the next level. I found a lot of winners of the contest seemed to be using the Eat Stop Eat program. Since it was TT Approved I gave it a try even know I was sceptical.

My results are as follows:

Day 1 --> Day 42

Weight 198 lbs --> 179.5lbs [-18.5lbs]
Bodyfat 21.2% --> 14.4% [-6.8%]
Waist 39.0" --> 34.25" [-4.75"]

Chest 40" --> 38" [-2.0"]
Arms 13.75" --> 13.75" [0.00"]
Hips 40.75" --> 39.25" [-1.5"]
Thighs 23.0" --> 22.25" [-0.75"]
Calves 15.0" --> 14.5" [-0.5"]
Forearms 10.0" --> 10.0" [0.00"]
Shoulders 48.0" --> 47.25" [-0.75"]
Neck 15.5" --> 16" [+0.5"]

If you think you can't do it..then think again. It can be done. Stay motivated, don't let in to temptation and keep a schedule of your workouts on a calendar like your appointments. No excuses. This is how a family man (father of 3) is getting closer to his 12 week goal of a six pack after 18 years.


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