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Charles Mclaughlin –Lost 8 Pounds Of Fat Using the Meathead’s Workout Program.

I decided to take up the challenge and enter Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training 11th Transformation Contest for several reasons. I wanted to finally transform my body and prove to others that I wasn’t too old to continuing working out. Some people thought that maybe I should just give up training all together because I had suffered a severe ankle injury which kept me from exercising for eight months. I had tried to exercise after two months after the ankle sprain but ended up stopping all together. I could feel the pain throughout my body. I literally had no lateral movement in my left leg and could barely lift any weight without feeling pressure in my leg. I made several comeback tries only to feel the same pain. I associated exercise with pain and eventually fell out of shape. Here is a picture of me when I went to private island resort in Indonesia. You can see how depressed I was

I finally decided to rededicate myself again for another contest. I had previously entered another contest which I failed to achieve any results with which was truly disappointing. My wife had given up hope that I could change my out of shape body. I told her to try to think positive and lets come up with some solutions. I told her that Craig was having a Transformation contest and it’s about a month from starting. I told her I wanted to enter the contest and she said she would give me the support that I needed. We sat down a came up with a plan but needed to fine tune it before the contest started. I tried various dieting protocols and finally decided on a nutritional plan for the contest. I found a solution to lose weight and maintain my muscle mass without using any expensive muscle building supplements.

Once the contest got started I knew that I would do well this time around and it all came down to planning and sticking to it. I used a mixed diet approach at first one day low carb and next day high carb. It seemed to work and I lost almost five pounds within the first two weeks. There was one problem though and that was my muscles were shrinking in size even though I was using a mixed training approach as well. I was using Craig’s The Ultimate Fat Burning System and a Meathead’s Workout program for the first four weeks. I followed the same dieting pattern for two more weeks but with some cheating. My muscles grew in size especially my arms. My right arm measured half an inch bigger in size than at the start of the contest. The final two weeks I used Clash of the Titans which was mixed training program designed to maintain muscle mass and lose body fat. The workout helped me burn off an additional four pounds of fat.

Overall, The experience of the contest was great. I felt that the forum members were as dedicated as I was which pushed me to train even harder. I ended up losing 8 pounds of fat and lost over an inch from my waist line. I am very happy with results that I have achieved thus far and plan on continuing my body transformation journey.


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