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121 lbs.

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36 inches

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I started working out with Lesa Gutenkunst at Lakeside Fitness Boot Camp in November 2013. I was out of shape, my joints ached, and my back was constantly sore.

I had previously worked out with World Class Fitness, which later became NX Level Fitness. They specialized in sport training, and overall core and strength. I had good results and enjoyed the workouts. However, they closed the Hartland facility. About one year later, I got involved in Cross Fit.

With the time off, I had fallen out of shape. That program lasted about 5 months for me because I injured both wrists lifting free weights. I thought the program was challenging, but they really stress not using any form of support while you are lifting. (I knew I had weak wrists, but was told that using wrist wraps was frowned upon.) Because of that injury, I was sidelined for about two years.

Needless to say, I was really excited about finding a boot camp that was a fun, challenging, and efficient workout, but also would let me work back into a program at my own pace.

The first two months were hard. I started going three times a week, and I was constantly sore from one workout to the next. But it was a “good” sore. I could tell I was using muscles that I hadn’t used in a long time. The biggest challenge for me was getting out of my routine and scheduling exercise into my calendar. Making myself go in the beginning led to me wanting to go everyday, and feeling like I was missing out if I didn’t make it to class.

The biggest change for me started with the Transformation Contest. Taking those before pictures was an awful experience. But it was what I needed to really get serious about my exercise program.

I kept a food journal and logged every calorie that went into my mouth. I was making up new recipes so I could serve my family healthy foods, but still keep the calories down where I needed them to be. Changing what I put into my body helped tremendously.

I wasn’t completely strict with my diet, but I always stayed under my allowed calories for the day. I now eat a lot more fresh fruits and vegetable on a daily basis, and a lot less grains. I can honestly say that I wasn’t hungry during the whole process. I just tried to eat whole, unprocessed food.

I began going to class anywhere from 3-5 times a week. Having to weigh in weekly encouraged me because I could feel my body responding to the workouts. I truly believe that the format Lesa at Lakeside Fitness Boot Camp uses to constantly challenge your muscles was the key to my successful journey. Now I feel strong, my clothes fit so much better, and I have greater energy all day long.

Thank you LFBC!


Patti F

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