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Michelle Slashed 16 Pounds of Fat with Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks and HWR





147 lbs.

131 lbs.


32 inches

26.9 inches

I am a busy mum, juggling study and administration work from home and two young children, a 1 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. I began my journey with TT through Ali Fox Transformations about 6 months ago.

January 1st 2014. It’s a day that marks resolution making for many people worldwide, myself included. This year, January 1st marked an important day for me. It was 10 days before I was committed to beginning the official start of the 19th TT transformation competition. I was ready, and I started with my home workout’s I had on hand. I wanted to be “warmed up” and ready to smash it once the challenge officially began.

T minus 4 days to the start of the challenge. I aggravated an old shoulder injury that has required surgery in the past and my physiotherapist said I was OUT of the challenge. I was devastated.

I cried a little. I got a little angry. I did a LOT of squats.

I practiced my rehabilitation exercises like never before, all the while protecting my shoulder during workouts and I did hundreds and thousands of squats. And guess what? My physiotherapist reconsidered, he allowed me entry and so I eased into the upper body workouts, ever mindful of not preventing further damage to my shoulder.

I grew stronger and stronger as the weeks went by. I went to our private Fox Studio and became obsessed with the Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks workouts. I increased my weights, and I trained at our group sessions and I realised one day how much fitter and stronger I had become. So I trained a little bit harder.

If you look at my before photo you can see clear evidence of the shoulder injury. See how poor my posture is? Now look at the final photo. It is virtually fixed.

Not only has TT allowed me to be fitter and stronger than I have EVER been before in my life but it’s helped me to strengthen my shoulder beyond a point that I thought possible. I had long ago resigned myself to never having the ability to use my left arm and shoulder to its full potential again. Never again, will I allow self limiting thoughts such as that or an injury to hold me back.


Michelle P

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