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Melissa Dropped Another 26 Pounds of Fat with Buff Dudes Hot Chicks and TT Advanced Bodyweight





321 lbs.

295 lbs.


56 inches

51 inches

Before I was reintroduced to the gym atmosphere and Turbulence Training workouts life was basically just going through the motions of day to day life without much quality. Work, eat, sleep, and repeat. And sit. A lot. I avoided many activities as I got winded extremely fast on simple exertion and my knees had gotten so bad I could not even kneel down. At the age of 30!

I was not physically active at all and I had gone from a labour job to an office job which only worsened my situation. I attempted many weight loss plans in the past and was a gym goer but never had very much results with nobody to blame but myself. Weight gain and loss was nothing but a roller coaster for me my entire teen/adult life.

I had short term success in 2006 with a 50 pound weight loss which quickly came piling back on (and then some) when I gave up trying. I got frustrated and bored with it all. Exercise was the first to go. My workouts were long and boring and felt like a chore. It was not something I liked or was interested in keeping as part of my lifestyle.

Needless to say after several years of poor nutrition paired with no exercise I stepped into my local gym in November of 2012 with my weight at its all time high and I was desperate. I wanted somebody to help. I was ready to admit just how bad my weight problem was, how much I was suffering, hiding behind closed doors and tent-like clothes.

The very first day I signed up as a gym member, owner Corey Arsenault introduced me to Turbulence Training. I was instantly hooked! My daily TT workouts and his group classes were quick and fun. Yes, FUN at the gym! I left in a happy, sweaty mess each and every time.

I started seeing results instantly. Corey then encouraged me to enter the Turbulence Training contest that was being offered. It took a little coaxing but I registered, I put in the work and I won! (I lost 22 pounds and 24ā€). I was the $1000 grand prize winner in my age category. I was pumped! I never thought I would ever be able to lose weight let alone win a weight loss challenge!

It made me feel that maybe I COULD do this. Maybe there is hope for me after all. It lit a fire under me...and here I am again! Down another 26 pounds and 20ā€ in my second Turbulence Training contest! Thank you for creating the new category for past winners! I am so very grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate again.

Since being introduced to Turbulence Training I have lost a total of 75 pounds and-way-too-many-inches-to-count. But, Iā€™m not done! I will continue to keep pushing. This is now my life and could not imagine ever going back to where I began just 16 months ago. I am confident that with TT workouts and the amazing support of my gym family, I have the tools to never be the old Melissa ever, ever again.



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